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2018 Arnold Pro Strongwoman Events & Athletes

The Arnold Pro Strongwoman contest is back for its second year with even stronger competitors and new events. One of the most prestigious contests in all of Strongwoman with great exposure at the Arnold Classic and one of the biggest pay days in the sport.

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Liefia Ingalls will be looking to defend her championship from last year but that will be harder than ever with competitors like 2x Worlds Strongest Woman Donna Moore, Runner up at Worlds Strongest Woman Kristin Rhodes and the formidable Ukrainian competitors Olga Liaschuk & Lidia Hunko added to the lineup.

Competitors List 

Laura Anderson (USA)
Britteny Cornelius (USA)
Brittany Diamond (USA)
Lidia Gynko (Ukraine)
Liefia Ingalls (USA)
Olga Liaschuk (Ukraine)
Donna Moore (United Kingdom)
Kristin Rhodes (USA)
Jessica Theaker (Canada)
Keya Rachael Woodland (Australia)


Day 1

  •  fingal finger flipped for time 300lbs
  • Max log 10″
  • Hercules hold

Day 2

  • Deadlift 13″ 525lbs
  • 10 stone series stone of steel up to 230lbs

Along with standard tests of strength like log for max, a heavy deadlift for reps and a 10 stone series less common events such as Fingal Fingers and Hercules Hold could really mix things up as they are not often contested in Strongwoman contests of this level so there is not much history to go off of to gauge who will perform well in them.

Arnold Pro Strongwoman became the first major women’s professional Strongwoman contest in the world when it was held at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival. The ground-breaking competition is produced by Strongman Corporation.

Amateur Strongwomen divisions have been since 2015 at the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships held at the Arnold Sports Festival. The popularity of the competitions and the impressive accomplishments of Strongwomen led to the establishment the Pro Strongwoman division and the creation of Arnold Pro Strongwoman.

Strongman Corporation also produces the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships in addition to hundreds of professional and amateur events worldwide each year. Strongman Corporation produced the world’s first women’s pro Strongwoman event in August 2016 in Jacksonville, Fla.

“The sports of Strongman continues to grow by leaps and bounds, but some of the fastest growth recently has been in Strongwoman contests,” said Dione Wessels, CEO and President of Strongman Corporation. “The time is right to elevate the best Strongwomen in the world to professional status and give them a platform to compete.”

The second-annual Arnold Pro Strongwoman event will be held at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival set for March 1-4 in Columbus. The world’s top Strongwomen will be invited to compete for cash prizes and the Katie Sandwina Trophy.

The Arnold Pro Strongwoman contest is modeled after the Arnold Strongman Classic, which has been held annually at the Arnold Sports Festival since 2002 and is regarded as the most prestigious title in professional Strongman. The event is coordinated by Drs. Terry and Jan Todd and features the world’s strongest athletes from Strongman, powerlifting and other strength disciplines.

This year, the Arnold Sports Festival will host the Arnold Strongman World Series Championship, the grand finale event of the Arnold Strongman World Series.

The Arnold Sports Festival has hosted the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships since 2010. Amateur Strongwoman events were added in 2015.

For more information, visit www.strongmancorporation.com

Source: http://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/sports-and-events/strength-sports/pro-strongwoman/

Featured Image: @Liefiasaurus


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