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Free Advice Costs Time, Good Advice Costs Money

By Kalle Beck

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A question I was asked recently in the Starting Strongman Facebook group made me think on this subject. Starting Strongman was celebrating its fourth anniversary, and I shared the first post ever made in the group, which was just an idea for a resource that was missing in the Strongman world. Somewhere people can gain information on how to get into and excel the sport of Strongman. A reply to the post was along the line of “Have you thought about making a resource for more advanced Strongman”. The truth is, that the articles, content produced on StartingStrongman.com, and the coaches we have a long with the members in the group, are some of the top people in the sport.

If you post a question a question in an open forum, you can’t be sure of the replies and how good the information is. Sifting through the good from the bad, and doing research on who gave you the answer to see if it might be credible, costs time. Nothing is free, we have an “Advanced Strongman group”. It is our private coaching group for clients and athletes, but that costs money.


Either path costs in one way or another, it just depends on what resource you value more. Your time or your money. When starting out, I spent countless hours traveling to train with people more experienced than myself, asking questions at shows, reading forums, books, articles,  watching videos, going to seminars, following programs, listening to podcasts, making mistakes and learning from them over years.


I’ve already invested my time and money into this, so if you hire me or other experienced Strongman for coaching, you are jumping way ahead in this process and that is the value.


If you are young and money is tight, (like I was) the information is out there to help you accomplish your goals. It just takes time to find and sift through it.  If time is valuable to you, then hiring someone experienced is the cheaper option.


Just remember, nothing is truly free.  Even if you get good free advice in a open forum like the Starting Strongman group. It cost the person who answered time, so be thankful and remember to pay it forward once someone less experienced than you asks a question someday.


Kalle Beck has been competing in strongman competitions Since 2007, he founded Starting Strongman in 2014 and is available for Online Coaching

With highlights including 2012 California’s Strongest Man, 2012 Washington’s Strongest Apple, Multiple top 10 finishes at Nationals and 6th place at the 2013 Arnold World Championships. Best lifts include a 600lb deadlift, 505lb back squat and a 290lb log press.

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