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Inaugural U64kg World’s Strongest Woman – Christina Bangma

By Christina Bangma

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I can tell you how much time and effort went into getting there. I can tell you how hard or easy each
event was. The truth is, you already know that I won.

I will tell you something that maybe not every competitor will. Winning an event doesn’t always
get you the win for the whole competition. Some of you may have looked at the point spread in each
division to see where everyone placed, and you might notice I wasn’t always on top of the list. I have
learned through much trial and error that being consistent is way more important than winning an
event. Although winning isn’t a bad thing.

I’ve spent a lot more time strategizing my events and working through weak points, than I have going
crazy all out, balls to the wall on event days. I have cried about things, feeling like shit for the past 5
weeks. I was mentally and physically exhausted from Strongman corporation nationals. However, when
something didn’t feel right, I still spent the time working that specific aspect of the event until I had a
plan of attack.

Going into World’s Strongest Woman, I was sure that this wasn’t going to be my best weekend of

I do not have the mindset of a winner. Why? Because I know that things can go terribly wrong or
fantastically right. Expecting to win would make losing so painful. Instead, you can call me a preparer.
I’m the person that every hard ass Strongman competitor makes fun of for asking too many specific
questions. For running every event with a different scenario. I don’t want to be surprised, or if something
changes I have the strategizing powers to overcome it.

I am somewhat backtracking to the beginning of this process. My goals are set in stages, and I don’t
really look past the challenge at hand until I have conquered the one in front of me. First, I wondered if I
was good enough to get an invite to WSW. Then it came. Secondly, the goal was to make it day 2. I also
mentioned that I would love a top 5 finish. When the day came, and I went into Day 2 tied for 1 st place,
the goal changed. Winning is possible.

I am so lucky to have an event like stones as the last event in most competitions. Stones are by far my
favorite event, but also my best event. Being the only Lightweight to load the 250 stone solidified the

The Best analogy I can come up with, is that I compete like a diesel truck. I start off kind of rough and
without much energy, but as the day goes on I run a lot smoother and things almost seem to be on fire.

I had so many people tell me that they knew I was going to win this competition. The funny part is that
no one out right told me that, until after it was over and I had actually won. These people know me. They
knew what I needed to hear before the competition. Telling me they thought I was going to win wasn’t
going to help me. Instead, they encouraged me, they fought with me and they helped me stay
grounded. They listened to me cry and freak out about events I had barely touched. I really appreciate
everyone who took time to talk to me, pray for me or yell at me. I won’t forget the role you played in

Now I have new goals.

Arnold 2018 HERE I COME.

Christina Bangma is a Pro Lightweight Strongwoman and the 2017 Lightweight (U64kg) Worlds Strongest Woman she is sponsored by Cerberus Strength  & Gainz Meal Prep .Follow Christina’s training on Instagram @EatCakeLiftHeavy

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