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Static Monsters 2017 Results & Write Up

By Chad Croft

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This year was the 3rd running of The Static Monsters. Originally put together as a push/pull competition with the log and a 18″ axle deadlift. It was to add another event to the local strongman calendar on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 28 Competitors turned up on the day and two big names pulled 400kgs, you know them from their Worlds Strongest Man appearances, Colm Wolfe and Eben Le Roux. It was a success and we wanted to run it again so after a suggestion from Drew Spriggs to open it up as a “flat” competition where everyone competed on the same day, same rules, same equipment, The Static Monsters as it is currently well known began and in year two we had 9 competitions across 3 countries and about 110 competitors.

On the weekend of October 28 and 29 2017, there were 29 events across 10 countries. Initial sign ups were at 35 events in 11 countries but we had a few teething problems and those who missed running events this year will be back next year. 397 competitors took part, 100 women and 297 men across 8 weight classes (also a sub ranking of Masters Competitors).

The winners for 2017 –
62.5kg – Joann Hagadorn – USA
72.5kg – Brittany Brecht – Canada
82.5kg – Kate Mitchell-Parker – New Zealand
Open Women – Britney Cornelius – USA
Masters Women – Joann Hagadon – USA
80kg – Carl Sherry – Australia
90kg – Dale Shepherd – England
105kg – Matt Lynch-Blanch – Australia
Open Men – Jordan Larsen – USA
Masters Men – Albie Mushaney – USA

Unlucky mentions:
Nugongid Baranasate – Missed the 105kgs top ten by only 2.5kgs
Albie Mushaney – Missed the open mens top ten by only 1.5kgs
Chantelle Clark – Open Women missed the top ten by only 1kg


Notable results:
  • Eben Le Roux – 440kg Axle Deadlift in his first competition since a bicep tare in WSM 2016
  • Britney Cornelius – 114.5kg Log Press
  • Jordan Larsen 204kg Log Press
  • Kate Mitchell-Parker – 102.5kg log
  • Dale Shepherd (UK) and Max Pippa (USA) as under 90kgs both managed to out total the 105’s across the world. They were also only 3.5kgs apart from eachother
  • Joann Hagadorn – Won the 62.5kg womens as a master, also won the master outright regardless of bodyweight
  • 89 Men pulled a 300kg or more deadlift
  • 24 women pulled a 200kg or more deadlift
  • In the 105’s class, the top 5 came from 3 different countries and only had 17.5kgs between them across their Monster Totals.

The Static Monsters has a few goals in mind for the event too:
– to lower the barrier of entry for competitors to get into the sport. By only having two disciplines (log and dead) the technical ability of an athlete does not have to be so high to come and have a go
– to make it easier for event organiser to run a strongman event. Not all areas have regular competitions for athletes to compete at, the cost of an axle is low and all will have access to weight plates. The biggest investment would be a log if they don’t have one already. You then have enough equipment to run a competition
– Give athletes the opportunity to compete with the best in the sport. Since people all around the world are competing at the same time, same rules, same equipment specifications, they will be able to sit on the same playing field/scorecard as those who are at the top level.
– In mid 2017 with the popularity of the event growing we decided it would also be nice to the athletes to have a secondary goal, so we launched plans of a World Championships. This years Worldwide event qualifies the top ten from each weight class to compete in the Static Monsters World Championships on the Gold Coast, Australia on May 20th 2018.(http://www.staticmonsters.com/world-log-and-deadlift-championships/)


This years mens rankings:

This years womens rankings:

See you all at the Static Monsters World Championships in May 2018.

Chad Croft


Interested in running an event in your area? Contact Chad at [email protected]
Events cities from 2017:
Adelaide – Australia
Auckland – New Zealand
Bhopal – India
Boise – USA
Brunei – Brunei
Cairns – Australia
Canberra – Australia
Fairbanks – USA
Farmington – USA
Gold Coast – Australia
Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
Melbourne – Australia
Mount Isa – Australia
Columbus – Ohio
Oregon – USA
Perth – Australia
Manila – Philippines
Plano – USA
Port Macuqarie – Australia
Regina – Canada
San Diego – USA
St Jean – Canada
Sjobo – Sweden
Sydney – Australia
Tasmania – Australia
Townsville – Australia
Morecambe – England
Utah – USA
Wangaratta – Australia

Expected extra cities for 2018:
Hong Kong
Washington – USA
Santa Cruz – USA


About Chad
– Runs strongmangoldcoast.com – stores all current Australian Strongman records and runs the Gold Coasts Strongest Man and Woman from there each year
– Australian Strongman Alliance – One of the founders of the Australian strongman fed that now offers competitors places with USS, SCL and Ultimate Strongman
– staticmonsters.com – you just read all about this
– Ran his first strongman event in October 2014
– First competed in Strongman in September 2013
– Tried strongman training for the first time in February 2013
– 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and some fish
– Xbox player

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