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America’s Strongest Man 2017 Athlete List & Preview

This years America’s Strongest Man put on by Strongman Corporation is likely the heaviest in history with events such as an overhead medley that ends in a 400lb Axle Clean & Press away, an 1100lb yoke walk and even a 450lb keg carried for max distance. Who do you think is up to the task to take home the title?

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The contest will be back at the Phoenix Europa October 14th & 15th  which was also the venue for the contest in 2014 where Dimitar Savatinov won. Last years winner Brian Shaw will not be competing but for the first time we will see Jerry Pritchett compete at America’s Strongest Man and the return of Travis Ortmayer to competition.

When: October 14th & 15th Phoenix Convention Center

100 N 3rd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004 United States
Pros have a start time of 2pm.
Athlete List
  • Jerry Pritchett
  • Dimitar Savatinov
  • Andrew Clayton
  • Uli Makai
  • Wesley Claborn
  • Eric Dawson
  • Brian Clark
  • Travis Ortmayer
  • Stan Carradine


Press Medley
Dumbell 1 rep (250#), Log 1 rep (400#), Axle Clean and Press away (400#)
60 foot carry minimum (1100#)
Bartos Keg Carry for distance (450#)
As far as possible no time limit
Axle Deadlift for Reps (800#) Straps allowed
Axle at 13” bar height
Concrete Stone load 320, 350, 380, 400, 420
Featured Image from @JerryPritchettStrongman 

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