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Samantha Coleman Breaks Axle Press World Record 260lbs

Samantha Coleman won United States Strongman Pro Woman Worlds for the second year in a row and a long the way broke the Open weight class Axle Clean & Press world record with a successful lift of 118kg/260lbs

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From her Instagram @ColemanStrong

My hard fought 260lbs Axle C&P and a new women’s WR! This was not accomplished alone, but rather by an incredible group of people which can be displayed here! In this video you can see my teammate @jamiepoppchristenson shouting at me, pushing me and cheering me on! Then Willie – not only my judge, but the president of the @unitedstatesstrongmanalso stands up in excitement to encourage me as well. Additionally, my good friends @speck1105, @shawnnalea_lifts, Scott Smith, not to mention several of my @cerberus_strength team-mates were there encouraging me the entire time! My husband and coach @colemanstrengthsystem always believed in my ability even when I didn’t! Without these incredible people, this lift would not have been possible!
This record does not belong to me, it belongs to the people who make this opportunity possible. It belongs to the USS. It belongs to the women of strongman and to all the up and coming competitors who will one day break it!
Thank you to my sponsors @cerberus_strength @pioneer_fit@grrrl_clothing for always supporting my endeavors and having my back not to mention the @thegrithouse for providing us with the best place to train!
I’m definitely looking forward to WSW in NC in December!

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