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2017 World Deadlift Championship Results

400kg/881lbs is a monumental feat in itself but for reps is just absurd, the majority of the field struggled but Janashia and Caron made rep work out of it both getting 5 reps a piece for the joint win. Caron even reported that his luggage was lost and he didn’t have his deadlift suit and was lifting on borrowed kit.

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Laurence Shahlaei ripped 400kg off the floor to lockout but lost balance at the top and was not credited a rep.

  1. Konstantine Janashia / J.F Caron 5 reps
  2. Benni Magnusson (Deadlift Only)
  3. Zydrunas Savickas 2 reps
  4. Misha Shevlyakov 1 rep
  5. All other attempts were unsuccessful

Current scores after two events thanks to Giant-Live.com

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