Robert Oberst comes out and scorches the course in 11.16, Kaz asks if they should raise the weight and Oberst comments “they need to make it lighter for Eddie”

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Then Nick Best lines up against Terry Hollands and Hollands gets the early jump before Best hits another gear for a time of 10.47 for the win in the heat.

Laurence Shahlaei vs Iron Biby was insane and came down to just 1/10th of a second with the newcomer Iron Bibby beating Big Loz with a time of 9.68 vs Loz’s 9.77 very impressive from the 25 year old Strongman

Shivlyakov got the early jump on Savickas and carried it through for a time of 9.95 to Z’s 10.63

Janashia and Caron were happy to last to get maximal recovery after deadlifting 400kg for 5 reps a piece and were neck and neck again for a time of 10.13 for Janashia and 10.29 for Caron