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Strong Talk Podcast 86: What Happened To The Website & Nationals Talk

This Week Kalle Beck talks to Michael Battaglino about what happened to the website and what is next.

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We also discuss the release of Strongman Corporation Nationals events, our thoughts and if we will compete. Along with talking about Kalle’s first contest in two years which is this weekend.

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Starting Strongman began as a way to grow the sport and the community I loved and that had given me so much.  There was certain resources lacking that I believed if implemented could really help the sport grow. it was a passion project and has quickly snowballed and grew into an amazing community.

As you may know the website was taken over by hackers On June 30th 2017.  The backups and procedures we had in place were not sufficient with the growth of the website and because of that we lost a lot of content that has to be rebuilt from scratch. This is an extremely daunting task but with your help and support we will build a new website and new back ups and systems with security so this will never happen again.

The costs have already been in the thousands for setting this back up and the man hours will be even more.

What you will help build is an even better website and resources for the sport of Strongman.

Going forward the funds will be used for better production of the podcast, videos, articles, new equipment, paying authors for their hard work, traveling to events to give better coverage and get interviews and more.
Thank You

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