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Get the Strongman Guide By Josh Thigpen

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  • With the strongman guide you get
  • Breakdown of Strongman history
  • How to get started in the sport
  • Event breakdown and technique
  • how to aquire equipment
  • how to train for strongman
  • strongman conditioning
  • a sample strongman training program
  • strongman recovery methods
  • competition packing checklist
  • what to do the last two weeks leading into a competition
  •  how to train without equipment
  • strongman nutrition and supplementation
  • mental approach to strongman
  • and much more!!


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Get The Cube Method for Strongman 1 & 2 by Josh Thigpen

Get The Cube Method for Strongman 1 & 2 by Josh Thigpen

Free 12 week Starting Strongman program 

I decided to write a basic 12 week program and put it out for free in hopes that it can help you if you are interested in getting into the sport just fill out the form and sign up to the newsletter below and you will receive a copy in your email. Remember you must first confirm your subscription before the program gets sent.


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