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Panhandle Strongest Man/Woman


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Panhandles Strongest man/woman

Date: July 1st 2017

Location: Old School Iron

Cost: $30 (at Old school Iron or Picture Perfect Fitness Fitness
PayPal: [email protected] (please include name. Class competing in. And shirt size)

30% will go to charity

Events: Max axle deadlift, press medley (axle to circus), conans wheel, truck pull w/harness. Any ties will be settled by MAS wrestling. ** events and weights subject to change

Classes: womans novice, womans Open,
mens novice, mens Open.

Prizes: Top 3 placing in each division. 1st place in Men’s and Womans Open recieves $100 cash prize

Max Axle Tire 15″ Deadlift- jump in at whatever weight desired. Athlete may make as many successful attempts they want. 1 fail and done. Jumps will be 20lbs until 500 than will go up by 25lbs. Straps allowed. Conventional only No Sumo.

Womans and Men’s novice are for anyone new to the sport

Womans and Men’s Open are for the more veteran lifters or who wants a challenge. These two classes will have the $100 cash prize available to the 1st place winner.

Conans wheel. Max distance for 60 seconds. No drops. Must complete minimum quarter turn.

Truck pull with Harness 100ft. Rope assist. 90 seconds time limit

Press medley. Start with axle. Clean and press. Than move to circus dumbell clean and press. 1 axle press and 1 circus dumbell equals 1 rep. Time limit 60 seconds.

Womans novice
Press medley-50 CDB 100 axle (standard dumbell with fat grip will be used in place of circus dumbell)
Truck pull-TBD
Conans wheel-250
Womans Open
Press medley-70lb 10″CDB . 140lb axle
Truck pull-TBD
Conans wheel- 350
Womans Minimum deadlift opener 200lbs

Men’s novice
Press medley 90lb 10″CDB .180lb
Truck pull-TBD
Conans wheel-450lb
Men’s Open
Press medley-125lb 12″ CDB. 250lb axle
Truck pull-TBD
Conans wheel-600


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