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When: 06/03/2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where: Dungeon Fitness
Category: NAS LVL 2

Organizer: Nate Bolling
Phone: 360-477-2385
Website: Go to the website
Registration: Click here to register

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LOG CLEAN AND PRESS FOR REPS(60 second time limit); clean each rep, upon pressing rep feet must be together with arms completely locked out. You must wait for the down signal from the judge before lowering the log with control to the best of your ability without risking injury. If an athlete rests the log on his/her head, they will have to set the log back down and re-clean the log to press. Most reps will win Weights are as follows:

LWW: 115lbs
MWW: 135lbs
HWW: 155lbs
LWM: 210lbs
MWM: 240lbs
HWM: 280lbs

STANDARD BAR DL FOR REPS(60 second time limit); each athlete will start at a set distance away from the deadlift bar(approx. 2ft), once head judge blows whistle, athletes will then run to bar, strap up and start lifting. Athletes will receive a down signal once legs are locked completely out and shoulders are back. Upon receiving down signal, weight must be lowered in a controlled fashion and dead set before the next attempt is made. NO BOUNCING!!! Straps allowed no suits. Most reps will win. Weights are as follows:

LWW: 245lbs
MWW: 295lbs
HWW: 335lbs
LWM: 485lbs
MWM: 525lbs
HWM: 600lbs

SUPER YOKE CARRY(60 second time limit); yoke will be carried 60-70ft. Hands must be placed on the crossbar, or the uprights, no wrapping arms over the top of the cross-bar(crucifix style). Unlimited drops but no dragging. Entire yoke must cross the line. In the event that an athlete doesn’t finish the run, a distance will be given. Longest distance or fastest time will win. Weights are as follows:

LWW: 385lbs
MWW: 405lbs
HWW: 425lbs
LWM: 600lbs
MWM: 700lbs
HWM: 800lbs

SANDBAG CARRY MAX DISTANCE; once whistle blows athletes will have 20 seconds to pick up the sandbag. Sandbag can’t be shouldered, it must be carried in front of the athlete in either horizontal or vertical position. Athletes can stop and rest/re-position sandbag as long as sandbag isn’t dropped. Once sandbag is dropped, a distance will be given. Runs will be approximately 60-70ft. Athletes must touch the line with their feet in order to turn around and make another run. No tacky or sticky spray of any kind allowed for this event. Max distance wins. Weights are as follows:

LWW: 150lbs
MWW: 160lbs
HWW: 180lbs
LWM: 240lbs
MWM: 260lbs
HWM: 280lbs

STONES OVER 52” BAR TACKY ALLOWED(60 second time limit); athletes will start with your hands on the crossbar, once whistle blows you will load as many reps in the allotted amount of time. At no point in time can an athlete place their hands on the bar in order to push the stone over the bar. Athletic tape, tacky, chalk, sleeves, gloves and shirtless loading is allowed. Most reps will win. Weights are as follows:
LWW: 150lbs
MWW: 180lbs
HWW: 200lbs
LWM: 300lbs
MWM: 330lbs
HWM: 350lbs


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