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Burgers, Beer, and Beasts


When: 04/22/2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where: Ascarate Lake
Category: USS

Organizer: Ernie Batson
Phone: 915 867 6804
Registration: Click here to register

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United States Strongman Corporation compettion. It will be part of a larger festival called El Paso Burger + Craft Beer Festival. Fun for the whole family.

Entry form here.

Link to the festival we will be part of.

Burgers, Beer, and Beasts

Contest Director: Ernie Batson
Contact: Ernie Batson

Date & Time: April 22nd, 2017 Rules meeting at 9:00 AM event starts at 10:00 AM

Weigh-in: Friday April 21st 2017 9-11 AM 5-7 PM and Steel Total Fitness
Saturday April 22nd 8-9 AM at the event site.

Location: Ascarate Lake 6900 Delta Avenue, El Paso, TX 79905

Hotel: TBD

Women’s Divisions:

LW Under 165
HW: Over 165

Male Devisions:

LW 181 and under
MW: 220 and under
HW: 275 and under
Masters Men (40+) Open (Will be doing the Middle weight men’s weights)

Events: Press Medley, Axle DL for reps, Arm over Arm Truck Pull, Farmers Carry, Atlas Stones

Awards: Trophies and medals to the top three in each division.

Entry Fees: $60.00 up the entry deadline. $75.00 after the deadline and up to 9:00AM the morning of the event.

Entry Deadline: April 8th 2017

Mail Entries & Fees: Ernest Batson 14856 Holden Cir Horizon City, TX 79928

Or pay via Pay Pal ($62.00) ($77.00 after the deadline) @ (PH 1-915-867-6804)


USS Membership is required to compete. Memberships will be available for purchase for $20.00 at the event.

Press Medley DB/Axle/Log

LWW 50/75/75
HWW 75/100/100
LWM 115/200/200
MWM/Masters 125/225/225
HWM 140/245/245
SHWM 150/265/265

Axle DL for Reps

LWW 225
HWW 275
LWM 425
MWM/Masters 475
HWM 525
SHWM 575

Arm over Arm Truck Pull 50ft

MWM/Masters TBA

Farmers Carry per Hand 100ft

LWW 125
HWW 150
LWM 200
MWM/Masters 225
HWM 250
SHWM 275

Stone Series
LWW 95/115/140/160/185
HWW 115/140/160/185/200
LWM 185/200/240/265/285
MWM/Matsers 200/240/265/285/300
HWM 240/265/285/300/326
SHWM 265/285/300/326/345

Press Medley DB/Axle/Log-
75 sec time limit. The athlete will perform 2 reps with each implement. The athlete will wait for a down command for each rep performed to count. The implements will be lifted in order and you cannot move onto the next implement until you complete two reps. Wrist wraps, belt, elbow sleeves allowed.

Axle deadlift for reps –
60 sec limit. The athlete will be given a lift command and will receive a down command for each rep performed to count. These will be DEAD STOP REPS every rep will stop. NO BOUNCING OR TOUCH AND GO! Straps, chalk, and belts allowed. No suits or briefs.

Arm over Arm Truck Pull-
60 sec limit. From a seated position the athlete will take ahold of the rope and pull a vehicle 50ft arm over arm. Gloves, chalk, belt allowed. NO TACKY WILL BE ALLOWED!

Farmers Carry per Hand-
60 sec limit. The athlete will carry an plate loaded implement in each hand for 50ft then turn around and come back to the starting line. At least one of the athlete’s feet must cross the line at the turn. Both implements and the athlete must completely cross the finish line with one implement in each hand .Unlimited drops. Belt and chalk allowed.

Atlas Stone Series-
75 sec limit. The athlete will load a series of five stone to platforms in order from lightest stone to the highest platform to the heaviest to the lowest platform. The stones must be loaded in order from lightest to heaviest. Tacky is allowed.


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