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Appalachian Team Championships 2017

When: 05/27/2017
All Day
Where: Palatine Park
Category: NAS LVL 1 Partner/Team

Organizer: Paul Mouser
Phone: 3046145291
Website: Go to the website
Registration: Click here to register

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2017 Strongman Corp

Appalachian Team Championships

(NAS membership required – yes they will be available at the show!)

Our annual team strongman extravaganza is back! This is actual teams of 4-6 athletes working together to use a combination of pure strength, strategy, and willpower in order to walk away with the legendary Mouser Cup trophy! This wildly popular contest may be the most fun of the year and has started to inspire similar shows across the country. So grab a handful of your strongpals and come out to beautiful Palatine Park for an amazing experience making new friends and competing alongside your old ones!

When: Saturday, May 27th Where: Palatine Park, Fairmont, WV 26554

Promoter: Paul Mouser ( in conjunction with the Three Rivers Festival (

Divisions: Teams only, see rules below

Start Time: 3:00pm Weigh-ins – 8:00am-8:30am and then 1:00pm-2:00pm. “Day of” only.

Rules/Safety Meeting – 2:00pm

Events (subject to change): Kegs and Truck Push, Chain Drag and Squat, Push/Pull, Stones and Wheelbarrow, Tug of War

Awards: medals for each member of the top three teams, the winning team receives the Mouser Cup Trophy and each member receives an invite to 2017 Nationals!

Entry Fee: $52 per person, late entries $75. Entry deadline: Monday, May 15th



Each team MUST have at least one female of any weight, one male 0-200, one male 201-231, and one male 231+
Teams may represent their state, their gym, their city, their place of work, a group of friends, or nothing in particular. This is your choice. Each team must have a NAME though… a family friendly name J

Every member must compete in at least one event.

Every team must have a captain. This captain is responsible for communications with the officials (to help maintain order amongst the chaos!)

At least one on each team female must participate in the Keg & Truck event, Wheelbarrow Medley, and Tug of War. Females are NOT required to participate in the Push/Pull or Chain Drag & Squat events.

Events (subject to change):

Kegs and Truck – 3 members will simultaneously begin a keg carry, 100ft with a turn. Members must be a female, a LW, and a MW. One HW member will be stationed at the truck, but cannot begin until the first help arrives. As each person finishes their keg carry they may run over and begin pushing or pulling on the truck. Anyone that does not complete the keg carry portion cannot help with the truck. If not finished, distance will be credited. One drop allowed; a second drop ends your run (this is to protect the equipment). 90sec allowed. Weights for kegs: Female – 150, LW – 200, MW – 250

Push/Pull – There will be two pressing stations and two pulling stations. Team captains must assign a person to each station 2 weeks prior to the event. Total reps of all four stations are added for a team score. Standard NAS pressing and deadlifting rules apply to receive credit for a lift. Presses are one clean and press away. You may set the implement down, but logs are not to be dropped. These are real wood logs and can be damaged. 60sec time limit. Weights are listed below (please note that trap bar weights have gone up):

Trap Bar Dead Axle Dead (D) Log Press Axle Press (2”)
Female 305 235 120 120
LW 505 375 200 200
MW 545 415 225 225
HW 585 455 240 240

Wheelbarrow Medley – Female must carry any male team mate any style but piggy back 50ft. Both the carrier and the carried must cross the line completely before the carried teammate may be set down. Once down, the female AND the carried team member may begin loading the 1st two stones into our giant wheelbarrow. These are the designated stone loaders. Once loaded, a third team member (the designated barrow pusher) must carry the wheelbarrow 20ft to the next set of stones, then again to a 3rd set of stones. Loaders cannot begin loading until the barrow has reached the marker for the set of stones. After loading 3 different sets of stones, the barrow must be carried across the finish line. The center of the front wheel of the barrow must touch the line in order to be finished. Number of items loaded or distance will be credited if a team does not finish. Slide rule penalty 2 sec. Loading a stone in the wrong compartment results in a 10 second penalty. Weights of Atlas Stones: Female 115, 115, 135. Male 240, 240, 285. Wheelbarrow weight in hand will be ~450 after the 1st load, 565 after the 2nd load, and 620 (!!!) after the final load. 75 sec. No tacky.

Chain Drag and Squat – 3 giant chains must be dragged across a 40ft course. 3 team members must participate in the chain drag portion. One additional member (the designated squatter) must be stationed at the squat machine. As each member finishes their chain drag, they may climb aboard the squat machine and sit down. Once all three members have boarded the machine, the designated squatter will be given the signal to begin squatting. Most reps wins. If no reps are recorded, the finish time of the chain drags will be credited. DROPPING THE MACHINE WILL BE GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION and zero points will be credited. Please respect the equipment and your teammates. All riders must have hands grasped on front crossbar. All must have feet touching the floor of the machine. 60seconds. Chain weights: 350, 500, 700.

Tug of War – 4 teammates, 1 female must participate. The rope will be thick and heavy. No tying it around the hands or body. No knotting the rope. Tournament format, double elimination. 60seconds.

Equipment – One belt, sleeves with no buckles or straps, and wrist wraps will be allowed on every event. Gloves are legal except on stone loads. ***gloves may help on the axle dead and wheelbarrow to prevent callous tears- use or do not use at your own discretion*** Things that are not allowed include: tacky, super suits, straps, hooks, shirts with rubber mats on the chest, and hydraulic forklifts.

General Rules/Usual Mouser Stuff

In the event of a tie in the final standings, 1st place finishes will decide the winner. If there is still a tie, then 2nd place finishes will be the determinant, and so on. If a tie cannot be broken this way, teams will compete in a tie breaker event TBA.
Sportsmanship is expected and required. This is the greatest sport in the world, let’s keep it that way. Also please mind your language, this is a family show.
There will be a pre-event prayer. No one is expected to participate, so please do not feel obligated. All we ask is to be respectful of those that do or do not wish to participate.
This is a drug free contest. If you are juiced feel free to come cheer on your buddies but please do not bother to sign up.
If you have a question, please ask! I would rather take a minute to clarify something than to see someone have a poor showing due to a misunderstanding.


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