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Michael Battaglino

Mike Battaglino is strongman, powerlifter and strength training coach. He has competed at the Arnold Sports Festival for USAPL and in Platinum Plus contests for the Strongman Corporation. He has also consulted with all levels of athletes in various strength sports, from novices to world champions. His strongman lifts include a 330lb per hand Farmer’s Walk, 650lbx3 Deadlift, 370lb Atlas Stone, and an 850lb Yoke Carry. His best lifts in USAPL (raw) are a 611lb Squat (with sleeves), 363lb Bench, and a 639lb Deadlift. He also plans to compete in his first USA Weightlifting meet in the near future. His next major competition will be at the SoFit Platinum Plus strongman contest.

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