Feb 22 17

Strong Talk Podcast 67: Arnold Classic Preview

by Kalle Beck -

This week Kalle & Mike preview the upcoming Arnold Strongman Classic and catch up on news and rumors in the Strongman world.

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Feb 15 17

Strong Talk Podcast 66: Jerry Pritchett

by Kalle Beck -

This weeks guest Jerry Pritchett is one of the top strongmen in the world. Jerry is multiple time Worlds Strongest Man Finalist, Arnold Classic competitor, the first American to deadlift 1,000lbs and the American record holder in the deadlift. Kalle talks with Jerry about his career in Strongman, how he approaches deadlift training, the upcoming Arnold classic including a new event!
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Feb 8 17

Strong Talk Podcast 65: Davis Diley

by Kalle Beck -
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.44.42 PM

This weeks guest Davis Diley is a ASC Pro Strongman who won his pro card in 2016 at just 25 years of age Davis is extremely strong and knowledgeable on the sport applying his unique training style that has fueled his success and many of his clients.

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Jan 31 17

Strong Talk Podcast 64: Bryan Benzel

by Kalle Beck -
Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.58.48 PM

Bryan Benzel is a Pro Strongman who made his Worlds Strongest Man debut in 2016. Kalle & Bryan talk about Bryan’s rise in the sport, how it was getting an invite to Worlds, competing at WSM and whats next.

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Jan 25 17

Strong Talk Podcast 63: Chris Vachio

by Kalle Beck -

Chris Vachio is a veteren Strongman competitor and contest promoter full of history in the sport and one of the funniest guys around, a long with that he promoted the first adaptive Strongman contest in North America and continues to promote adaptive Strongman.   read more…