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Hafþór Björnsson Breaks World Record On Orignal Húsafell Stone

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Hafþór Björnsson won Icelands Strongest Man for the 7th year in a row today and in the process broke the world record on one of the most famous lifting stones. The original Husafell, carrying the 177kg/390lb stone 90m/295ft to break the previous record of 72m/236feet set by Andrés Guðmundsson.


Many events in Strongman come from lifting challenges throughout history and the Hussafel stone is a no different and is responsible for the various variations we see in contests today including the elephant carry we saw at Worlds Strongest Man in some of the groups in 2017.

The Hussafel is kept in Hussafel, Iceland near a goat pen. Strongmen all over the world travel their to try to achieve “Fullsterkur status” this is achieved by carrying the stone around the entire perimeter of the 50 meter goat pen. Hafþór Björnsson nearly doubled that amount and looked like he could have kept going.

Featured Image screen shot from Hafþór Björnsson’s Facebook page
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