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Ultimate Strongman SummerMania 2017 Results


On Saturday June 10th, Ultimate Strongman hosted another stellar show featuring a talented lineup at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, with 9 of the 10 competitors having competed at Worlds Strongest Man before including the return of Derek Poundstone.


SummerMania started with Zydrunas Savickas winning the tire flip showing signs that Big Z’s injuries are healing week to week as he regains strength. Unfourtnely, Poundstone injured his bicep on the tire flip and had to withdrew. In event two the log C&P for max he came out and attempted the opening weight but the injury was just too much. The weight rose all the way to 200kg where only Graham Hicks & Mateusz Kieliszkowski were successful, then the weight jumped all the way to 212kg for a British record. Sadly, today was not the day as Hicks had injured his hand in the tire flip, which made the clean too difficult to complete. Kieliszkowski gave 212kg a good push with his explosive power, but didn’t have enough to finish the lift.

Next, Kieliszkowski took first in the farmers walk with Licis in 2nd and Jr Worlds Champion, Nick Hadge, closely behind in third with a stellar performance.

Event 4 featured a car deadlift, where Martins Licis started to make his move winning the event with 15 reps, followed by Terry Hollands with 13, and Nick Hadge again rising to the challenge taking third with 12 reps.  Meanwhile, Kieliszkowski took 8th showing the deadlift is still the bane of his existence.

Like all good Strongman contests, it all came down to the stone. Licis and Kieliszkowski were in a tight points race, and the contest was likely to be decided by who won in their head to head match up, which did not disappoint. Kieliszkowski got the early jump and looked poised to load all 5 stones before Licis, but took a short pause getting it to his lap, and that was all Licis needed to load the 5th stone first for the event win and to take 1st place overall.

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