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Why I Wrote Cube Method for Strongman 3

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By Josh Thigpen 


When I finished the Cube Method for Strongman 2.0, I sat back and thought, “There it is, a complete program. I won’t make another one of these.” To make it even more certain, I actually stopped strongman all together after WSM 2015. But along the way I had these little thoughts, thoughts of adding some more overhead work, or perhaps a little more conditioning. “Nah”, I’d say, “Just let it be.” I even said that I believe that overhead was the most important event in strongman, and that most great pressers train it more than once a week, but still I let it go. 

Then I got the call to go back to China. I have gone out to China for the last 5 years to compete in a very light but very fun strongman contest. Sometimes they have us do exhibitions as well. Although I hadn’t trained in a year and a half, I simply could not say no to China. They treat us so well out there, feed us, pay us well, take us to see really cool things like the Chinese Opera and terra cotta warriors. The weights were light enough to do without any training at all frankly, but I did decided to workout again for a few weeks leading up to it, just to make sure. And this was the birth of Cube Method for Strongman 3. 
I needed to change some things up in order to get in shape as quickly as I could, and thus I needed to increase the volume of squats and overhead to 3 times a week, but still using the core Cube Method for Strongman principles. I found that this variation of the program really worked and helped me to get in shape for the contest and I was able to crush the events. When I got home from the competition I knew that the hunger for competing had come back. I looked ahead to some contests and decided to do the LA Fit Expo. I was several months away and thus had some time to implement some more variations to the program. For the next phase of training I decided to lowered the squat volume. My squat really came on strong and I needed to focus my recovery on other things in order to get ready. After a couple of months, I then lowered my overhead to 2 days a week but was still getting the same amount of total work in because I was doing two implements in one day and 1 on another. 
It was at this point that I implemented my new conditioning protocols into the program in order to be as conditioned as possible for the contest. I found that my conditioning was severely lacking and simply could not allow that. In the past the Cube Method had agility days but no conditioning other than the events themselves. Deloads got switched around for this program as well. I had experimented with different deload methods going into World”s Strongest Man 2015 and it worked well, so I kept with the same method for the fit expo. The Cube Method for Strongman is for the most part a training book, but I really felt the need to add something about nutrition as well. I have one specific nutrition tip that I feel is vital to every strongman or strength athlete for that matter. When used properly this tip can really accelerate you strength, lean muscle, recovery ability and energy during training. On top of all of this I also have learned many tips along the way on some assistance work that I really wanted to share with everyone. These assistance movements I have found to be some of the best for improving at strongman. 

Pick up Cube 3 today!

Pick up Cube 3 today!


When all of this added up I realized that it was time to put it all down into another book. I wasn’t going to write something unless i really felt like I had some good additions or variations to the program that people could really benefit from, and there was no doubt that I finally had that. When it was all said and done, here is what the book looked like-

-4 new Programs for Cube Method for Strongman
-Brand new Conditioning protocols to ensure you never gas out
-Increased overhead training.
-New deload method
-Inside Tips and demonstrations on my favorite assistance work
-Nutrition section with a key nutrition/supplement tip and strongman meal plan!
-Thoughts on training frequency
-Cube 1 and 2 summary/refresher
-Cube psychology included again

The goal of the Cube Method and of any strength athlete is to create a complete program to become a complete strongman or woman. Through years of trial and error, listening to others feedback and analyzing my own results I believe that the Cube Method for Strongman 3 has become exactly that. The program can truly help you on your quest to become the best all around strength athlete that you can be!

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