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Because Of Strongman

Because of Strongman
Because of Strongman…Because of strongman I have proven that anything is possible. I was once a very skinny, weak kid who used to dream of competing in Worlds Strongest Man. I would dream about it, see it, feel it, all the way down to what I was wearing. In fact, when I was in high school I used to look out the window in class and see myself carrying a car in a tropical place at worlds strongest man, and then one day, that exact thing happened.


Because of Strongman….I have seen what my body and mind are capable of. Socrates once said,  “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” I know that I will not grow old and wonder what I was capable of. I have learned to even use mind over matter and move what seemed to be an immovable object.
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Get The Cube Method For Strongman 3

Because of Strongman…I have gotten to speak to hundreds of thousands of students, prisoners, and churches all over the country and other parts of the world through team impact. I have gotten a chance to share what God has done in my life, and given a message of encouragement, hope, and going after dreams.
Because of Strongman…I have traveled the world and gotten paid to do it. I have been in other countries over 30 times. I have seen the great wall of China, the terra cotta warriors, competed in the mountains of Tibet, competed in an ancient Greek city on the black sea, seen big Ben, been to historic places in Poland, Budapest, the shores of South Africa, on and on. I have eaten with dignitaries and officials and billionaires in other countries and generally had the time of my life.
Because of Strongman…I have made friends all over the world. At the top level we get to compete with people from so many other countries and there are many that I look forward to seeing and talking to whenever the chance arises. Without strongman I would have never had the chance to meet these people. We all share that experience and a special bond together through all of the competing and travels.

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Because of Strongman…I have made a living doing something that I love to do. Though people have said over and over again that it is impossible to make money from strongman, I have proven that wrong. And though there have been lean times, I haven’t had to have a normal job in almost 10 years. Obviously I am not disrespecting a normal 9-5 job I am simply saying it was my goal to make a living from strongman and I accomplished that. I get to do exactly what I want everyday and that is priceless to me.
Because of Strongman…I have gotten to help out many others in their journey through my Cube for Strongman Books and programs, The Strongman Guide book and the Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia. It means a lot to me to have an effect on the sport that I have gotten so much from and I hope that people can learn from and use these resources for however long strongman is around.
Because of Strongman…I have felt alive. My life has been anything but boring or average. When you have given it your all in training and then given it your all in competing, and battled it out until the end, you truly feel alive.
I want to clarify this article with the fact that every time I say because of Strongman, I mean what the Lord has brought into my life through strongman. I don’t know the readers individual beliefs but I wanted to clarify that that is what I am saying personally.
These are just a few things that I have been blessed with through strongman, what has strongman done for you?

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