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Eddie Hall Sets a New Axle Press World Record

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Last year Eddie Hall shocked the world by deadlifting 500kg at Europes Strongest Man this year the lead up was about the axle clean & press for max. A lift that hasn’t been contested at a high level in a few years in fact the previous record was set in 2010 by Zydrunas Savickas with 215kg but Eddie Hall managed to best that with an impressive lift of 216kg and it looked like he could do a whole lot more.


The axle made by Rebel Strength was fixed meaning the bar doesn’t rotate inside of the plates and this gave a lot of the athletes fits even at the opening weight of 160kg. Once the bar was raised to 200kg only three athletes remained were successful. Eddie Hall, Matjaž Belšak & Hafpor Bjornsson.

Hall blasted 206kg up easily for a new British record and it looked easier than his 200kg lift! Bjornsson just missed 206kg at lockout but regrouped and dug deep to lift it successfully on his second attempt for a new Icelandic record. Belsak skipped the round to go straight for the world record.

216kg came and Bjornsson decided 206 was enough for the day leaving just Hall and Belsak. Belsak gave it a valiant attempt but his explosiveness was just not enough to generate enough leg drive to get a good pop off the shoulders. Hall meanwhile made 216kg look easier than his 180kg attempt like he was just getting in the groove after some warm ups! Without his elbows fully rotated underneath the bar he started to strict press the axle and it just kept going up until he hit lockout and got the down call. The only question remained how much more could he lift on the day?

Thanks to FloElite for the videos and coverage

Other records set

British Record Men Open: Eddie Hall – 476lbs/216kgs

Icelandic Record Men Open: Hafthor Bjørnson – 454lbs/206kgs

Slovenian Record Men Open: Matjaž Belšak – 441lbs/200kgs

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Full Results from Europes Strongest Man


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