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SCL Norway – The Strongest Viking 2017


Article By Kikki Berli-Johnsen


Up in the mountains above the little village of Vinstra, placed in the beautiful valley of Gudbrandsdalen, SCL Norway – The Strongest Viking 2017 will be held January 27th and 28th.

With just a couple of days to go until the first event starts, the athletes are getting more and more nervous. Will Bjorn Andre turn out as one of the best forward hold athletes again, will Lucain Herrick handle the cold weather in Norway, or will this tough Texan curl up in his snow cave and cry? Can the atlas stones be done again in this extreme weather and will anyone manage to walk with the giant timber yoke? Only the strongest will survive this battle.

Friday January 27th is the first day of this spectacular competition in the Norwegian mountains. First event will be held Friday night, and the arena will – like the last two years – have a viking theme. Bonfires, harsh Viking fighters, beautiful viking women, salesmen and viking games will surround the athletes when they start with front hold. This makes this competition different from all the other competitions around the world. Maybe there will be snow and hard wind like last year?


Saturday is the big competition day, and right now it seems like the athletes must compete in -10 degrees/14F and partly sunny weather. That’s much better weather than during last year’s competition, so this will be good for both athletes and audience. This is the first of 16 stages of the MLO Strongman Champions Leauge 2017. This is the 10th year in SCL history, so it will be very interesting to see who will be the new world champion this jubilee year. The complete SC: “World Series “is going to be broadcasted in 95 countries all over the world, including USA and Japan as well this year. Also a few new countries will be done by the SCL tour in 2017.


The six grueling events are:

* Front Hold with sledgehammers

* Viking Boat Pull (harness only)

* Powerstairs

* Viking Press

* Timber Yoke

* Atlas Stones (100-180 kg)

New of the year is the Timber Yoke. It is an extremely long log placed on top of a frame, and the most challenging part of this event won’t be to carry 412 kg in the snow, but to find the balance on the equipment. This will be fun!

The twelve strong men who will fight the title are:

* JF Caron, Canada

* Lucain Herrick, USA

* Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland

* Jorgen Aukland, Norway

* Johan Espenkrona, Sweden

* Antti Mourujärvi, Finland

* Ole Martin Kristiansen, Norway

* Jon Olav Granli, Norway

* Sean O’Hagan, Ireland

* Morten Lund, Denmark

* Bjorn Andre Solvang, Norway

* Will Baggot, England

JF Caron is defending his title, and he must fight for it with this line-up of strongmen. There are a few new names in this line-up, and we can’t wait to see how the big Texan Lucain Herrick will handle the freezing temperatures up in the Norwegian mountains, or how easy the Irish giant Sean O’Hagan will pull the viking ship. O’Hagan is the biggest strongman in the world, reaching 212 cm over sea level and weighing 200 kg.  (6’9 and 440lbs)


There have been hundreds of competitions over the years – never one like SCL Norway.
There have been thousands of athletes – this line-up is unique.
They are used to sweating – now they’ll freeze their glutes off.

The game is on!

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