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Strong Talk Podcast 57: Alex Viada


This weeks guest Alex Viada, the founder and co-owner of Complete Human Performance and author of the hybrid athlete.  Who I describe simply as the “lifts a lot of weight and runs really fast guy” Hybrid training is a bit more complicated than that though and we talk about how his training methodology developed, how Complete Human Performance got started and how Strongman can train a little more hybrid to make them better at their sport.


“His Hybrid Training method is simple — it consists of breaking down the demands and unique stressors of every type of training an athlete requires, and programming to target specific demands, not “labels” (i.e. “strength training,” “conditioning,” “endurance training,” etc.). The result is a style of programming that has produced a significant number of powerlifting triathletes and 300+ pound runners. Many athletes working with Complete Human Performance find themselves setting personal records in strength, speed and distance at the same time–something that was traditionally seen as impossible.”

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