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What Is Your Strongman Goal?


By: Terry Rady


Without a doubt, strongman and strength sports in general are tough. So tough, that most people fizzle out within a year of their first competition. The mental strain of a weight cut and event planning combined with the physical toll of training and competition leaves many broken, distraught, and completely content with never competing again.

However, for those remaining who are continuing to get stronger, working harder, and striving to be the best; what are their options? Do you do it for self-gratification, or to prove something to others? Do you have the goal of making it to the next level or just being a better you? All of that plays a role in how hard a person trains and competes.

Training to win vs Training

There is a huge difference in training to win versus simply training to compete. I train out of Core Fitness Club, located in Mooresville, Indiana. Core Fitness Club is considered by many to be the mecca of strongman. The gym has provided us with the best equipment and tools needed to succeed. That’s why it has produced 3 world’s athletes in 3 different weight classes. Our gym owner has put the same commitment to us that we have to the sport.


 Photo of Core Fitness Clubs Strongman Barn

Yes, of course you can get stronger training at globo-gym, but having a place to train actual events is the difference between training to compete and training to win. With sources like the Starting Strongman gym map at your disposal there’s no reason you cannot surround yourself with equipment and people who desire to be stronger every day. This was a huge factor for me, surrounding myself with people who want to win and get stronger every day.  Individuals who don’t miss meals, skip training sessions, or go out partying every weekend. We all have that same hunger, desire and relentlessness to be at the top.

This, is what makes our group dynamic, and ultimately, unbreakable friendships.  I had the chance to train with seasoned vets of the sport such as Derek Devaughan and Adam Lane. They kept me on track and reminded me of the end goals constantly. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to train alongside pros, don’t be afraid to ask questions constantly on forums. There is an enormous amount of advice that can be had just by asking questions online. Just remember, you emulate the company you keep.

Getting to the next level

Getting to the next level is a difficult journey in strongman, why? Because the competition will get stronger the further up you go. With that being said, finding the right contest to help propel you is a huge key.

John Albrecht and Willie Wessels at USS are doing a great job putting the athletes first in this sport. Recently, they have been trying to send as many competitors as possible overseas to compete, which is a dream come true for most people. Another massive US promoter is Aaron Molin; he has provided many athletes with the opportunity to compete at world’s strongest man and recently hosted the first giants live in some years on US soil. The main thing is finding a promoter who is putting your needs ahead of their own. For instance, Aaron has taken a loss financially on many occasions just to make sure the athlete is being put ahead of everything else. The athlete should always come first.

Be the best you

No matter what your goals in the sport are, remember that you should ultimately be trying to improve upon yourself. Every time you step foot into the gym you should have a plan of attack to be better than you were the prior training session. Surround yourself with people who have the knowledge and know how, and will help keep you focused and always improving. Constantly asking questions will help improve you as a person and athlete as well. Rome was not built in one day, and neither will your strongman career. I did not win my first contest until I had been competing for 4 years and I wouldn’t trade those losses for anything, because it always made me work harder than I had previously. Strongman is a hard and brutal sport, but to me, it is the greatest sport in the world.

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Terry Rady is the current Worlds Strongest Man U90kg best lifts include a 330lb log press and 700+ deadlift along with stunningly good posture and enjoys creating imaginary pizza on the pizza hut app that he will never eat.

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