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Donna Moore Wins Worlds Strongest Woman


It was one of the strongest group of women ever assembled and one of the heaviest contests in the history of Strongwoman only fitting for the first official Worlds Strongest Woman since 2003.


Kristin Rhodes Was off to a dominating start winning the first two events the Viking Press with 14 reps and taking the 550 yoke 20 meters in 9:57 seconds.

In the third event the silver dollar deadlift the bar rose to 300kg/660lbs and created a log jam with 6 athletes tying four third having to share 8.5pts including Rhodes. Tracey Halladays hit 320kg to take third while  Donna Moorehit 330kg for  second to pick up 13pts Anna Harjapaa won the event with a massive 335kg/737lbs to pick up 14 big points the event win and most likely a world record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift but we need to confirm.

The fourth event looked absolutely brutal consisting of a 140kg duck walk into a 105kg Farmers Walk

Rhodes struggled with the duck walk on way to a 10th place finish which moved her out of first place overall. Anna Harjapaa finished the course in 44.53 for third place while Donna Moore shattered that with a time of 33.49 before Lidia Gynko managed to finish in an insane time of 29.08 for first place.

The Stone series was the heaviest ever ranging from 100kg to 140kg (308lbs) the heaviest stone ever in a Strongwoman series. Kristin Rhodes loaded 4 stones in 29.59 for 4th in the event whileOlga Liashchuk managed 4 stones in 29.21 to take third. Liefia Ingalls who usually competes as a Middleweight held her own loading 4 stones in 27.97 to take second but it was Donna Moore who was the only woman to load all 5 in a time of 28 seconds to earn the title of Worlds Strongest Woman.



Final Results

1. Donna Moore 60 pts
2. Lidia Gynko 55,5 pts
3. Olga Liashchuk 53,5 pts
4. Kristen Rhodes 52,5 pts
5. Anna Harjapaa 46 pts
6. Liefia Ingalls 44,5 pts
7. Brooke Sousa 44 pts
8. Andrea Thompson 33,5 pts
9. Tracey Halladays 29 pts
10. Jenny Todd 27,5 pts
11. Olivia Lane 27,5 pts
12. Lisa Yeats 25,5 pts
13. Sandra Bradley 19 pts
14. Kikki Berli-Johnsen 1 pt (Injured)



Sources: FloElite, Official Strongman

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  1. Dan Rowley permalink

    Nice to have WSW back in the fold! 13 yrs. missing is wayyyy too long what with CROSSFIT such a high deal. Someone napping thinking healthy women was just a fad. Or, dare I say it…the “powers” that be are all fans of BFBW? Huummmm…. Last time I watched Jill Mills ruled all!

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