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Mike Battaglino – SoFit Platinum + Writeup


All in all, I felt great all day. I had to wait 30 min to 1 hour between my last warm-up and when I went (as did everyone else), but I only think this affected my performance on the yoke. After I finished the stone I was incredibly tired, but up until then I was ready to go. This leads me to believe I was as close to 100% for comp day as I possibly could have been.


Log Clean & Press 310 for reps in 60 sec.

Obviously this did not go great. It was supposed to be 300, but based on the plates and supposed weight of the log, it was probably 310. In the weeks leading up the event I thought we were using a Bigg Dogg log…then the night before I saw two Rogue logs there (yay!)…and then we ended up using a Pitbull (I think???), which felt HORRIBLE. It was 105 or 110 empty (no one was sure) and pressing 240 on it felt like death. Before I hit my last warm-up at 270 they took the log for the MWs, so we started using the Rogue log. During the remaining time I was waiting I hit 270 for 3 singles and CRUSHED THEM. It was seriously the strongest my press had ever felt. However…I knew the Pitbull would not feel the same. Then, when I got out there, it didn’t. The clean went easy enough, but once it was in the rack position, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. It felt so crushing I could not even get semi-stable. Lesson here? Keep improving my log press as I have been, so when I use a tougher log it will hopefully be below my max.

Yoke 800×75′.

I was prepared for this weight and distance, and had two goals 1) sub 20 sec 2) no drops. I missed the first goal by a few seconds, but completed the second. We were all able to get one warm-up in of 585×20′, and then we waited about 45 minutes to an hour to go. Some people were OK with this, but the wait definitely affected me. How can I prepare for this in the future? Get stronger overall on the yoke (get my max a bit higher than 800-850), so that when I have to wait a while, it will not affect me as much.

Keg Medley 5 w/5×250 Kegs (75′,50′,50′,25′,25′).

Although I had to wait a while for this event too, I was amped and ready to go. I knew this would be my best event, and it was. I set a time of 53.19 and was in the lead for quite a while…until Davis, Trey, Ken and Gabe narrowly edged me out. I believe Ken was about 2.5 to 3 seconds faster and he took the overall win. At the beginning of the year I sucked at medleys…how did I get better? I trained them hard for months. I have gone from hating medleys to hoping I have one in my next competition.

Deadlift Medley 525 Axle, 575 Barbell, 675 Frame for reps in 60 sec.

I didn’t have to wait quite as long to go after my last warm-up…maybe 45 minutes at the most. By this time I was ready to get the deadlift medley out of the way so we could move on to stones and be done. I still felt good, but I was ready to finish. A lot of people have complained about this event being too light and I agree that it was pretty light. But then again, I am in the minority in saying that some competitions have weights that are a bit ridiculous for amateur competitions. If 90% of a class zeros an event, I don’t think the weights were picked well. I really wish were not able to use straps, as I think that would have changed the outcome of this event and tested our grip quite well. Looking at the frames though, one had really slick handles, and the other frame you could get a pretty good grip on. I hit the first two implements easily, and then knocked out 17 reps on the frame. If I had actually heard how much time I had remaining, I would have set up faster for that 18th rep…but I was zoned out and didn’t hear the “10 seconds remaining” call.

Stone of Steel 300 for reps in 60 sec.

This was supposed to be 320, but in the end it was loaded to 300. This actually happened shortly after the deadlift medley, as security was trying to kick us out of the convention center. Apparently we were supposed to be out by 5PM…and it was already 6:30PM, haha. I hit a couple warm-ups as the other weight classes were going, then it was my turn. I had acquired a tacky towel (which they were actually selling at the competition) and used it on my hands right before going. It provided just enough help on the stone to make the pick off the ground a heck of a lot easier. I was able to get 6 reps pretty comfortably for a big PR. After just two weeks earlier not being able to even break 320 off the ground, I was ecstatic.

At the end of the day, I was happy with my performance. I am not one of those people that is going to beat myself up for not winning, because I wasn’t capable of winning on that day. Am I getting better? Yes! Am I satisfied? Of course not! Last year I was 10/16 in San Jose…now I placed 11/22. The top 5 were truly in a league of their own on Saturday, and they went back and forth all day. The other 4 competitors besides Davis definitely have a pro card in their future. Whatever platinum plus I do next year, I plan on doing better…I will do better. Now I plan on getting ready for a weightlifting meet in January, starting Saturday. After that, back to strongman. Wish me luck!!! :D  :D  :D

Mike Battaglino is both a competitive strongman and powerlifter. He has competed twice at the Arnold Sports Festival in the USAPL Raw Challenge and aims to return there in 2016. His strongman lifts include a 330lb per hand Farmer’s Walk, 650lbx3 Deadlift, 370lb Atlas Stone, and an 850lb Yoke Carry. His best lifts in USAPL (raw) are a 606lb Squat (with sleeves), 358lb Bench, and a 628lb Deadlift. He also plans to compete in his first USA Weightlifting meet in 2016. He can be reached for strength training programming here, you can follow Mike on Instagram and Twitter 

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