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Nick McMorrow : 13th Annual Strongman Classic at the Sam Steele Day


By Nick McMorrow


This was the 13th Annual Strongman Classic at the Sam Steele days in Cranbrook B.C. June 18th 2016.

This event is by far my favourite event (out of the few that I have attended). The whole weekend is just great. Starting with the accommodations; they have us staying at an extreme nice hotel a little bit out of town that is on a ski hill. All the competitors, volunteers and guests show up at the hotel Friday evening for a banquet dinner where we introduce the athletes, go over the rules and draw the order for the first event for the next day. That wraps up fairly early and we have the rest of the evening o just hang out, relax, and perhaps meet some new people.

Saturday is the day the real fun starts. Athlete arrive on location about 10:15 am to have plenty of time to warm up, check out the implements and go over all the rules again before the show starts at noon.

Event 1 – Arm Over Arm Logging Truck Pull
I was excited for the event as I have done very well in it my past two shows. After watching the first few rounds of competitors go it because very clear that one of the trucks was moving much faster than the other. Perhaps it was a slight upward incline on the road, but one truck coasted while the other was a constant struggle. I went into the “harder lane” and I tell you it was tough. Fortunately the judges notice the difference and decided that they would just have a 1-8 position for each lane rather than a 1-16 for both combined. I won the slower lane and took a share of the first place points, I was happy with that!

Event 2 – Pressing Medley.
This event was most reps in 90 seconds. It started with 5 reps of a 175 lb log, 3 reps with a 205 lb axle then as many reps as you can get with the 110 circus dumbbell in the remaining time. I ended up finishing 3rd in this event getting 5 reps on the circus, had a 6th up but just ran out of time! The winner, Colby, got 11 reps with the dumbbell, I have no idea how he moves so fast!

Circus DB

Event 3 – Hercules Hold
This event went all kinds of wrong for me! I had expected to do very well in this as my grip strength is one of my best attributes. This was not the case on this day. I think I lined the cars up off centre or something but there car on my right side felt exceptionally heavy. I felt a pretty heavy strain on my right biceps tendon and let go after just over 11 seconds. Very disappointed with that performance. I got 14th out of 16 in this event.

Event 4 – Power Stairs
This was my first ever experience with power stairs, a very cool and fun event! The implements where 250,300,350 lbs. Each stair was 18 inches as were the implements. This was definitely an event that my height gave me an advantage for, however that was countered with my lack of previous experience. I ended up doing fairly well and getting 5th place in this event.

power stairs

Event 5 – Atlas Stones
This was a stone run start at 200 lbs going to 250, 260, 300 and 365. I got the first 4 stones fast but couldn’t get the 365 past my lap, definitely need to work my upper back strength! Still got a good finish, took 3rd in this event.

Event 6 – Medley Race
This was one hell of an event to finish off the day. Everyone really had to dig deep to get through this one. There was a 500 lb yoke for 50 feet, 400 lb sled drag for 50 feet and a 650-700 lb tire flip for 50 feet. We had 2 minutes to complete this, I finished in 1 minute and 22 seconds an placed 4th by 1.5 seconds! I really pushed myself hard to finish the tire in good time and I am very happy with my result. After I was finished I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even get my best off.

Tire flip

Overall very fun day, very well organized and a great pool of competitors! Big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for making such a wonderful event possible. My top 5 finish ensures me a spot in next years event, and I will definitely be there. I will continue to go until they don;t let me back anymore!

group pic

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