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All About Deadlift Suits

Kalle Beck Deadlift

Strongman is a sport that is not standardized in rules or events, some contests allow deadlift suits. A piece of equipment you can BUY that will make you deadlift more and place better?! Tempting isn’t it? Watch the video below to see if the investment is actually worth it for you.


Take home notes


  • It’s not cheating if it is allowed by the contest promoter
  • A deadlift suit is not some magic device that will propel you to first place
  • Make sure the investment is worth what you plan to invest in the sport
  • Depending on your body type and how tight the suit is it may be a hinderance for rep events
  • It will help support your low back and you will be less fatigued for other events
  • Make sure to get the right color that matches your style

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