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Strongman Corporation Announces Pro Strongwoman Division


The sport of Strongman has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past few years especially on the Woman’s side. The level of strength and athleticism that these women are achieving in the sport is growing rapidly with the best of the best competing throughout three different weight divisions in the Arnold Amateur World Championship being the pinnacle of the sport.  The question then is whats next? Strongman Corporation recognized this and announced on 4/29/16 the creation of a pro class in Strongwoman on Instagram lets meet the new pros!


Official Press release from Strongman Corporation

Strongwoman Competition Events – New Women’s Category Announced

Columbus, OH– A new professional class category for women in the Strongman sport will be added following this year’s Arnold World Championship.
FOLLOWING the 2016 Arnold World Championships, we recognize the achievements of Strongwomen everywhere by announcing the addition of a Women’s Professional class in 2016. The top four women from each weight division at the 2016 Arnold World Championships will receive their Pro Card, as well as all top ten women in each division are invited to The Strongest Woman in the World to be held in late August in Jacksonville, Florida. Other women featured at Platinum Plus shows and any Strongman Corporation National Champion will also receive an invite. The Strongest Woman in the World event will lead to a larger event for the women at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival (to be announced later).
The weight divisions are lightweight (>140 lbs., or under 63 kilo); middleweight (141-180lbs or 63 kilo to 81 kilo.); and heavyweight (open 180+ or over 81 kilo).
“Strongman Championships are not traditionally seen as a mainstream sport, but with more women getting involved, we see it gaining a much broader appeal,” says Dione Wessels. We have offered three weight divisions with six different weight classes for many years. We are ecstatic that the rest of the world, also recognizes the importance of the divisions, the women, and the appeal they add in growing the sport.
The Arnold Amateur World Championships have proven to be one of the most popular Strongman events since it debuted in 2010. Last year it featured more than 60 of the world’s strongest men and over 40 of the world’s strongest women.
The United States accounts for approximately ¼ of all attendees, with a healthy representation from around the globe.
Visit for more details on the event.

Who Turned Pro?

The top 4 in each weight class at the 2016 Arnold Amateur World Champions and previous winners of the Arnold Amateur World Championships won their pro cards this includes. Judging by that this should be who has earned their pro cards but is not official. 


Alisha Ciolek 


A video posted by @alishaciolek on

Kristen Bouley

A photo posted by Kristen Marie (@kaybee_13_) on

Leslie Hofheins

Jessica Kite

Rachel Pyron

A photo posted by Rachel Pyron (@rachel_pyron) on


Alanna Casey 

Kimberly Lawrance

Kaitlin Burgess

Danielle Schwalbe

A video posted by Dani Schwalbe (@dlschwabs) on

Liefia Ingalls

A photo posted by Liefia (@liefiasaurus) on

Kristin Rhodes

Donna Moore

Britteny Cornelius

Liashch Olga

Julia Rader

A photo posted by Julie Rader (@raderjd) on

The Strongest Woman In The World Contest

The first contest that appears to be taken place for the pro women and others that have qualified through certain contests is “The Strongest Woman In The World” You can find out more info and the latest news on the Facebook event page. It is a two day contest with a good mix of events and some big name sponsors!

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