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Watch: Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic Live Stream

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The Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic is shaping up to the states moniker that everything is bigger in Texas with 75 Athletes competing including American record holders and athletes that have competed at the Arnold Amateur world Championships. Plan your Saturday around watching the Ronnie including events such as a Max Axle Press & Max Deadlift!


Can’t make it to the watch live? Check out the live stream Below
Can’t make it to the show? Check out the live stream Below
When: 4/30/16 7:30 AM Pacific ,9:30AM Central 10:30AM Eastern

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Event & Event Order

Saturday- Rules Meeting at 9:15. Competition Starts at 9:30.
You will have from 8:00 to 9:15 for warm ups. Below will be the order of events. Axle Press and Deadlift will be setup for competitors to warm up.
1a. Max Axle Press- Women, Novice, 175, Masters.
1b. Max Deadlift– 200, 231, 265, 265+
2a. Max Axle Press- 200, 231, 265, 265+
2b. Max Deadlift– Women, Novice, 175, Masters
3. Duck Walk/Keg Carry Medley- Head to Head
4. Farmerswalk– Head to Head
5. Atlas Stone Carry and Load
All events will be run in two lanes.


Chris Close 175
Zach Knippel 175
Alvino Garcia 175
Zane Guadagnolo 175
Corey Simmons 175
Dom Cours 175
Bearrett Saffel 175
Chris Standfield 175
Matt LTrain LeBlanc 175
Dominic Morais 200
Cole Booth 200
Benjamin Rowe 200
Bobby Warren 200
David Mullins 200
Sebastian Bailey 200
Elliot Coffey 200
David Hamilton 231
Grant Lynch 231
Travis Wagner 231
Sean Fennell 231
Ragnar Riley 231
Manny Correa 231
Chris Lee 231
Kameron DeLanyy 231
Sumner Haye 231
Rigoberto Ochoa 231
Adam Vlasicak 231
Cristian Ochoa 231
David Hawk 265
Luke Johnson 265
Ernest Yrlas 265
Chris Kondos 265
Cameron Wiley265
Jacob Fincher 265
Michael Simpson 265
Austin Haye 265
Joey Gautney 265
Taylor Tibbitts 265
Tex Martin 265
Chris May 265+
Micah Hilliard 265+
Moose Bass 265+
Cody Russelll 265+
Colt Hobbs 265+
Chris Decker 265+
Patrick Panda Richards 265+
Jason Neal 265+
Donovan Rascon Masters
Hillary Austin Windrem LWW
Sara Geer LWW
CJ James LWW
Hayley Morgan LWW
Jacqueline Wood LWW
Stevie LeBlanc LWW
Kate Summers LWW
Kelina Phifer MWW
Kaitlin Burgess HWW
Thomas Doran Novice
Swervy Yerby Novice
Preston Colt Marks Novice
Gregg Wong Novice
Taylor Bailey Novice
Arnoldo Castillo Novice
Jonathon Lester Novice
Patrick Whitten Novice
Steven York Novice
Michael Neeper Novice
Patrick Fletcher Novice
Ruben Ortiz Novice
Mike Pflug Novice
Jake Briscoe Novice

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