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Dimitar Savatinov World Record Circus Dumbbell 140kg/308lbs


Dimitar got redemption at the Arnold Australia after his initial flight was diverted due to a passenger having a medical emergency standing Savatinov in Hawaii while the contest went on. A huge hit to the contest and a disappointment to fans that were excited to see him mix it up with Hafthor, Zydrunas and the bunch. Eventually Dimitar found his way to Melbourne and they set the stage for the former Circus Performer to break a world record in the Circus Dumbbell as an exhibition.

The day before in the contest at the end of two days and competing and the third max effort event of the day Hafthor managed 120kg on the same Dumbbell while Zydrunas and Krzysztof managed 110kg. Fresh off his impromptu mini vacation in Honolulu Dimitar delivered by hoisting the 140kg/308lb Circus Dumbbell made by Stand Or Submit above his head to lockout not once but twice for more Strongman Records Click Here



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