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Alana Curnow Loads World Record Atlas Stone


Records have a way of staying around for a long time then quickly getting broken in succession until a new standard is finally set that stays around for awhile. Once an athlete shows it is possible it paves the way for other athletes to perceive it as possible and push the limits. Great efforts inspire even great efforts. Such is the case currently with the max weight Atlas Stone and Strongwoman of late. With Kikki Beril Johnsen  breaking Jill Mills long standing record of 300lbs with her 302.5lb stone load you starting seeing training videos of other Strongwomen setting their sights on raising the standard even higher. Alana Curnow of Australia is the first to do so with an impressive 138.2kg/304.4lb Atlas stone loaded to 1.1 meter platform (43.3″) at the Brisbane Fitness Expo in her 4Armour Stone Sleeves this past weekend. Even more impressive is that Alana did this as a Middleweight (82kg/180lbs) Alana attempted a 150kg(330lb) stone after this but missed the attempt.


How long do you see this record standing? Who will Surpass it? Will Alana raise her own standard?

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My first record So after the official weighing of the stone it came in at 138.2kg which is for now an all time WORLD…

Posted by Strongwoman – Alana Curnow on Saturday, October 24, 2015

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