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Strongman Eats: Mince and Tatties


Article by Robert Lira
Today’s article is brought to you by Ramases Niblick III. When the “Easy Beef” article came out, he posted a comment that gave the recipe for a Scottish Dish called Mince and Tatties. It is a dish made with ground beef, vegetables, gravy and mashed potatoes and it’s pretty delicious. It doesn’t take much time to cook (it took me about 45 min total, including prep time) and it is easy to cook in mass quantities, leaving leftovers for meals at a later time. Before I dive into the recipe, here are a few notes I have about the dish.

Feel free to include extra vegetables that are not specifically listed
In the original recipe, Ramses called out only a couple specific vegetables with a note to add in whatever else you want. When I made this dish, I added garlic and celery because I had them on hand and I really like garlic.
Prep and cook the potatoes while the meat simmers
The meat and gravy should simmer for at least 30min. This leaves plenty of time to take care of the tatties. Just be sure to start boiling water before you begin cooking the meat.
Cut the potatoes into thin “chips”
This will reduce cooking time dramatically. I recommend using a mandolin slicer as it saves prep time and slices the potatoes evenly.
Prepare the gravy before you start the meat
This is a time saver. Plus, you will need to pour the gravy into the meat once you brown it.
Next time I might add garlic and or sour cream to the tatties
Don’t get me wrong, they were great as is; the meat added a ton of flavor. I’m just a huge fan of garlic and I like the tanginess that sour cream adds. It is actually a pretty standard practice to prepare tatties with at least one of these ingredients in my home.


2lb (500g) Minced Beef (Ground Beef)
3 Large Carrots
16oz (1 tin) Canned Peas
1 Large Onion
3 stalks of Celery*
2Tbs (29.5ml) Vegetable Oil or Lard (optional)
~2 cups (500ml) BistoTM gravy
2+lbs (500g+) Potatoes
Milk (to taste)
Butter (to taste)
*items not on the original recipe

Mix ~4tsp BistoTM with 2 cups of water
Bring Gravy to boil and stir often until thickened
*you can enhance the flavor of the gravy by adding things like juices from a roast or red wine*

Heat skillet
Add vegetable oil or lard (do not add if you do not want to extra fat in the meal)
Add onions and sauté until transparent (~3min)**
Add garlic and sauté until fragrant (1-2min)**
**if you do not want to cook with oil or lard, you can add these ingredients with the carrots, after the meat is browned**


Add mince and cook until browned. Drain excess oil/fat (if desired) and salt/pepper to taste.

Add gravy, carrots and other vegetables (optional), cover. Lower heat and let simmer for 30+ min


Drain and rinse peas; add to dish
Season with salt and pepper to taste (if necessary)
Serve with Tatties
Boil water with kosher salt in a covered pot
Peel, wash and thinly slice potatoes
Boil potatoes until soft (time varies depending on size of sliced potatoes); drain

Mash potatoes with salt, pepper, butter and milk to taste
Serve with mince
I hope you enjoyed this dish as much as I did. Thanks again to Ramses for sharing.
Until Next Time: EAT!

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Robert Lira is a strongman competitor and MAS wrestler for team USA with a background in
powerlifting. Being a part-time coach at a local Crossfit gym, he has also participated in functional fitness
(Crossfit-like) competitions. His current aspirations are to earn a spot to compete on the National and,
ultimately, International strongman stages. Follow Robert’s training on Instagram & Facebook




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