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Trevor Kashey Q&A


Trevor Kashey is an American record holder in Strongman (axle deadlift MWM) a writer for Mountain Dog, A contributor to the research digest and just got his PHD 


Kalle Beck I am going to start with…… You have concocted some interesting “food” in the past. Share one of the stranger things you have done

Trevor Kashey tuna + oats + bake into muffin tin—- add tapatio hot sauce and heavily spice. Bomb tuna cakes.

Junior Darwin  My question is more personal in nature and understand if this isn’t the right place for it. Why did you decide to get a PhD and what are your specialties?

Trevor Kashey  My PhD is in biochemistry and I specialized in elucidation of alternative pathways for energy transduction in membranes that facilitate ATP production.  I decided to get a PhD because I saw X-Men when I was a wee lad. I decided I wanted to make X-Men of my own. Now I kinda do… Life is strange like that. 
beyond that, I have also completed the entirety of the clinical dietetics curriculum. (at my university)

Mike Danielczyk How important is it for a 365 lb man to drink to gallons of water a day I am a farmer but really get tired of water

Trevor Kashey  It’s OK to include all fluid sources. You won’t turn into a giant splenda packet or anything.

Chris Davies Whats your best advice on circus dumb bell training? Would the Mike Mastell method be best in your opinion?

Trevor Kashey Listen to Mike. I’m actually a sally when it comes to event training. I don’t think it plays a big role in getting stronger. I understand the necessity for practicing events to become a technician at the movement. I prefer avoid it until the very last minute (4-6 weeks) so the equipment does not feel foreign when contest time comes around. 

Mike Danielczyk I do high physical labor is there a minimum fluid intake you would suggest….and if beer is good I’m stoked

Trevor Kashey start with half your body weight in ounces and see how that feels. 

Drew Spriggs Maintenance calories for me are exceptionally low – give or take 2200 a day and I’m very active 240lb dude. Is this an issue, or just how I am?

Trevor Kashey An issue for what? You are hard pressed to start a diet on those calories, but if that’s not the goal it’s not the end of the world. 

Drew Spriggs Well, just for general health specifically but I guess I wouldn’t mind leaning out a bit. Cutting calories isn’t an option (clearly), so would you just suggest increasing TDEE whatever way possible?

Trevor Kashey You can always calculate your TDEE and make up the difference over a period of months. Your fat gain will be minimal and performance will skyrocket. Most even lose fat. Feed the machine. You just need to be fastidious.

Ben Nickerson Do you think it’s more beneficial to eat carbs equally during the day or eat majority of carbs around training.

Trevor Kashey The catch all answer is that the more carbs you have the less timing matters. The less carbs you have, the more timing matters. The easiest way to police this is to eat equal amounts of carbs all the time and as a diet progresses just cut carbs furthest from training as you can. By the end of the diet you’ll have your carbs surrounding your training be default. I would only emphasize particular timing with higher intakes if a person is training more than once in a day.

Thomas Ebert I know individualism usually trumps everything, but what kind of diet/macro break down would you recommend for someone looking to drop about 20 lbs, starting from about 210 @ ~18% bodyfat. Currently doing high protein/Moderate fat/low carbs on off days and carbs and fats flipped on workout days

Trevor Kashey Figure out your current intake! adjust 2-7% down (from carbs). Keep track of what the heck you are doing. You’ll be amazed at what can happen.

Helena Wu How important is conditioning overall? What are the best methods to go about it? Thanks!

Trevor Kashey Cardiovascular capacity beyond sedentary has health benefits that hardly need explaining. For this, any low impact modality to raise your heart rate would be just fine (I am a fan of the bicycle and good old walking). For strongman, you are better of practicing the event in question. Further, a more conditioned athlete can be trumped by an athlete with better “energy economy”. Transitions/breathing/technique can save energy rather than pounding away to develop conditioning. You need both to excel at higher levels, but something to think about. Running around pushing a sled for fun seldom translates to a better placing

Gabrielle Hoffman What are the biggest mistakes you see female athletes/trainees making?
Strategy recommendations to help said athlete and trainees overcome/change said mistakes and behaviors?

Trevor Kashey  from my end, chronic underrating and over stress of day to day change (hormone fluctuation et al). Trusting the process is really the best thing a person can do. People get mad at themselves for things that are out of their control (or mine). Just have to look at the data over long periods. Obviously easier said than done. I understand the constant confusing information females are bombarded with, so sticking to your guns and not waivering is the smartest thing. 

This really is as big of an issue for male athletes as well to be honest.

Mike Danielczyk Most beneficial amino supplements for high volume training? Or if supps are bunk best animal protien source for high volume training besides shakes

Trevor Kashey Huge fan of hydrolyzed whey. Cheaper per serving and more effective than most anything else you can get. It’s heavily processed, so GI discomfort is almost non existent. Typical whey is fine for meal replacement. No need to consume hydro all the time.
Not many differences in animal protein besides the fat content, so that’s really up to you. Getting enough calories is the most important thing. 

Tyler Stewart What kind of macro percentages do you recommend for someone trying to drop bf%? I’ve read that macro percents should be divided up by body type ie meso ecto and endo. Does this hold any weight? Also do you prescribe caloric intake by tracking calories for a week until you maintain bw and that would be what you would use to do caloric deficits?

Trevor KasheyI don’t really function on percentages at all. Meso/Ecto/Endo dieting is really more ritualistic than anything else. Yes, I find a person’s maintenance empirically (track typical intake) and assign prot/carb/fat based off of the submitted caloric load.

Russell Mueller How do you recommend figuring out what your calorie needs are?

Trevor Kashey  I just see what the athlete is currently consuming. I’ll modulate up or down according to goals. Formulas aren’t my thing, I’d rather collect the data myself. I’m unlikely to introduce huge swings in caloric load. If a person is massively under eating, I’ll gradually increase intake until I feel like it’s appropriate. It’s just as much an art as it is science. Calorie needs can be nebulous. If you are legitimately healthy then your needs are being met, even if you are eating less than the next guy. Weight loss that you don’t want would be an indicator of more food and weight gain that you don’t want would be an indicator of less. LOTSA feedback. 

Erik Von Hoch Muscle meds Carnivor…yay or nay? Not sure what beef isolate is and how it compares to hydro. 

Oh and training…best way to overcome leverages lost after you take away a fat kids belly

Trevor Kashey  An athlete is more robust with mechanical change if there is Slow weight loss, effective programming, and patience

Carnivore would be OK for a person who is lactose intolerant, but heavily processed whey (such as isolate or hydrolysate) should also be OK for people who are lactarded. Hydrolyzed protein is pre-digested, so the processing as a tad more extensive (and companies pass that savings on to their customers)

Andrew Harrison What’s the deal with the new class of supplements called protein synthesis amplifiers (like Bio-Gro)? Are they safe/effective? Do they work? Or are they all hype?

Trevor Kashey You are hard pressed to find a legitimately unsafe supplement. it’s hard to have repeat customers if the product kills you. Something I always thought was silly. I have no idea what sorts of current supplements are in that category, I’m guessing it’s probably some amino acid degredation product. Chances are you are better of spending that taco money on… tacos.

Walter Hoover What is your recommended reading list for a trainer looking to better understand nutrition?

Trevor Kashey…/dp/1133104053 

Russell Mueller Thoughts on carb cycling? Getting higher amount of carbs on training days and smaller amounts on non training days?

Trevor Kashey Carb cycling is a very effective dieting tool. Intuitively eating more or less depending on hunger/activity is also fine, but not what I would consider carb cycling. For the sake of consistency and longevity, eating the same calories every day is just fine. It’s too easy to overcomplicate this stuff.




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