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Dec 14 16

Strongman Training Templates Are Here!

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The sport of Strongman is difficult to train for. Let us help you progress utilizing our teams years of experience to help you get bigger, stronger, faster and better prepared for your next competition.

  • Weekly programming designed by our team of experienced coaches
  • Workouts are delivered through an app straight to your phone no printing out spreadsheets!
  • Introductory price of just $10 per month for LIFE
  • 15 page step by step guide on proper technique for most Strongman events
  • Designed for Novice & Intermediate Lifters
  • Access to our forum for support and questions
  • FAQ Including our Strongman Exercise Index Video Library
  • Guidelines to train for Strongman without implements

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Jan 11 17

Strong Talk Podcast 61: Ken Nowicki


This Weeks guest Ken Nowiciki started competing in the sport of Strongman at 17 in his home country of Scotland, he went on to win 4 Scottish national titles and compete at Europes Strongest Man, The Arnold Amateur World Championships, China and more. Ken has since moved to Denver, CO and runs Cerberus Strength USA Ken is now aiming to compete in a Giants Live contest & earn his HW pro card.

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Jan 10 17

5 Tips To Increase Your Z Press


Article By Kalle Beck

The Z Press is an effective assistance exercise for increasing your log press and general overhead strength, which is very important if you want to compete in Strongman.

The lift is effective, as it can’t be completed unless you learn how to effectively brace or “get tight” from the bottom of the lift, or else you will simply fall backwards.

I have used the Z press in my own training, and the programming for hundreds of clients programming, as an effective tool to increase the overhead press. There are a few key points to maximize the effectiveness of the lift in your training, which I constantly see overlooked in Z press videos posted all over social media.

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Jan 9 17

WATCH: Elevate Your Deadlifts


In Strongman we have to deadlift  from various heights and with big contests such as United States Strongman Nationals and the Arnold Amateur World Championships having 13″ deadlifts a lot of athletes are struggling compared to their pull off the floor.

Why The start positioning is different than your deadlift off the floor. Watch the video below for some tips that will help with your elevated height deadlifts
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Jan 4 17

Strong Talk Podcast 60: Zack McCarley


Zack McCarley began his strongman career in 2006, studying under longtime professional strongman Grant Higa, Zack McCarley went on to become one of the most decorated lightweight strongman that the USA has ever produced. Some of Zack’s accolades include being an All-American wrestler in the NCWA, winning a lightweight pro card in strongman, 11 “top ten” national placings in strongman, six strongman national championship titles at various weight classes, and even a world record and world championship in the 90kg class for strongman; much of this was accomplished while completing his BS and MS in chemistry. Zack is also well known for being a multifaceted athlete and coach, Zack excels at goal setting, mindset, and especially strongman technique and body movement.

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Jan 3 17



By Jared Miller

I am not athletic in the slightest.  I am oafishly strong, and when it comes to standing still and moving heavy stuff short distances, I am well within my element, but as soon as speed, timing, coordination, precision, etc all come into place, I am a fish out of water.  This became abundantly clear to me in my 8th strongman competition, when I needed to press a 245lb axle for reps, a weight I had easily pressed out of the rack in training many times, and ended up zeroing the event because I simply couldn’t get the axle onto my chest.  I had a 650lb+ deadlift, and yet couldn’t move 245lbs fast enough off the floor.  Please watch for your viewing pleasure.

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Dec 28 16

Strong Talk Podcast 59: Paul Smith


Paul Smith is a rising star in the sport of Strongman at just 22 years of age he has won UK’s Strongest Junior, England’s Strongest Man and took 2nd at the inaugural Worlds Strongest Junior (23 and under) Paul recently won Battle 4 Britain’s as well and is now qualified for Britains Strongest Man!

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Dec 21 16

Strong Talk Podcast 58: Mike Bartos


This weeks guest is Mike Bartos, the creator of the Stone of Steel the first plate loadable Atlas Stone along with his entire Power Center equipment line. Mike also runs his gym Power Center located in Youngstown, Ohio.  read more…

Dec 20 16

How I Trained To Get To Worlds Strongest Man By Colm Woulfe Pt 1


Train like the Wolfman by Colm Woulfe 

When it comes to strongman training there are two main templates that I use. What I call an offseason block and a comp prep block, each for 6 weeks. In strongman it might seem counter intuitive to not be training the events hard year round, however switching the focus of volume and intensity between the strongman events and barbell compound lifts is a much better method, allowing us to peak for strongman competitions more efficiently. The main barbell compound lifts tend to be more efficient at building muscle and strength but we must train the events to perform well in competition. There is also one other template I use which when I have multiple competitions, usually a month or less apart in succession.

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Dec 18 16

Eddie Hall Documentary Now On Netflix

Buy Eddie: Strongman Today!

Huge news for Strongman with the documentary Eddie – Strongman now streaming on Netflix

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Dec 18 16

Arnold Pro Strongman World Series Athletes Announced

Photo From Arnold Sports Festival

The Arnold Classic is the heaviest Strongman contest in the world and this year it has a new name in the Arnold Pro Strongman World Series.

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