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May 26 16



A step by step how to video on how to press a circus dumbbell from Kalle Beck & Alan Thrall check it out and go put some weight over your head!

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May 25 16

Why you should compete

By Michael Battaglino

As I sit here on my layover in Arizona, en route from California back to Texas, I am pondering the reason I choose to compete. Not only that, why do I encourage others to compete? Just this weekend I flew out to California to coach two of my clients in their first powerlifting meet.  Why would they want to compete? Are they not just content with posting their training videos to Instagram and hitting triple digit likes? Is that not a marker of success? Competing and getting ready to compete generally are not easy, so why do we do it? A cool trophy? Being Instagram famous? Getting that elusive pro card? Those motivations are tangible, but fleeting. They might feel great in the moment, but eventually even something as huge as getting your pro card loses its luster.

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May 23 16

Rob Kearney Shocks The World At the Log Lift World Championships


Rob Kearney, a 105kg(231lb) Pro Strongman who took 2nd place at the past two America’s Strongest Man 105kg got an invite to compete at the 2016 Strongman Champions League Log Lift World Championships in Lithuania against the best log pressers in the world based on his track record in the log press having put up 193kg/425lbs at the 2015 Arnold Amateur World Championships. A definite underdog to the casual fan against a huge lineup with multiple Worlds Strongest Man competitors Kearney rose to the challenge.

After a near miss at 190kg Kearney came back to nail that weight ending in a massive 202.5kg/445.5lb log press to earn a joint 1st place finish with veteran Strongman Vidas Blekaitis of Lithuania. Kearney becomes the lightest competitor to hit over 200kg in a competition by over 30lbs, 202.5kg moves him up to 13th all time in the Log Press. Top 3 placings and videos below

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May 20 16

How To Continental Clean With Alan Thrall & Kalle Beck


Watch the  video and learn step by step on how to perform a continental clean

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May 19 16

How To Deadlift A Car With Alan Thrall & Kalle Beck


Kalle Beck & Alan Thrall got together to shoot some how to videos for more subscribe to the Untamed Strength Youtube channel and the Starting Strongman channel. Check out the video below then go deadlift a car!

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May 18 16

Records Fall Down Under


Strongman has been steadily growing in Australia & New Zealand the past few years the standard is quickly approaching world class levels as demonstrated at the Australasian record breakers which took place May 14th & 15th hosted by the Strength Syndicate check out all the amazing lifts and records that were broken

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May 17 16

The Toughest Show You’ll Ever Love: Promoting Adaptive Strongman Contests

Gary Truck Pull Small

By Chris Vachio 

Adaptive athletics are growing in this country and around the world. More and more sports are coming up with ways to accommodate athletes with various disabilities. Our sport, which I consider to be the greatest sport on the planet, needs to step up a more in this regard. So promoters, consider this me throwing down the gauntlet to get in the game.

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May 16 16

All About Deadlift Suits

Kalle Beck Deadlift

Strongman is a sport that is not standardized in rules or events, some contests allow deadlift suits. A piece of equipment you can BUY that will make you deadlift more and place better?! Tempting isn’t it? Watch the video below to see if the investment is actually worth it for you.

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May 9 16

Donna Moore Breaks Atlas Stone World Record


Donna Moore is on a real role, having won the 2016 Arnold Amateur World Championships a few months back where she won her pro card. To continue on this success Donna loaded a 148.9kg/327.58lb Atlas stone to 112cm/44″ not just once but twice! breaking the previous record held by Alana Curnow of 138.2kg/304.4lb  to 1.1 meter platform (43.3″)
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May 4 16

Implementing a Plyometric Program into Strongman Training


Article By Bryan Barrett

Plyometrics include a wide array of exercises, all defined by the rapid stretch-shortening cycle of the muscle. Research of plyometrics has shown a significant increase of maximum power output during sport specific movements (1). Plyometrics are hypothesized to elicit specific adaptations in neural drive, rate of neural activation and intramuscular coordination, which result in improved rate of force development (2). All the training adaptations elicited by implementing plyometrics into a program can help make you a better strongman/women, but the majority of programs fail to implement plyometrics. Here are the necessary steps to implementing plyometrics into your program.

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