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Apr 28 16

Watch: Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic Live Stream

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.12.24 PM

The Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic is shaping up to the states moniker that everything is bigger in Texas with 75 Athletes competing including American record holders and athletes that have competed at the Arnold Amateur world Championships. Plan your Saturday around watching the Ronnie including events such as a Max Axle Press & Max Deadlift!

Can’t make it to the watch live? Check out the live stream Below
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Apr 27 16

Giants Live Returns To The USA


Giants Live the qualifying tour for Worlds Strongest Man hasn’t been in North America since May of 2009 which took place at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. After 7 years the tour makes it returns as the GIANTS LIVE USA: North American Open Championships 2016 promoted byAaron Molin. This is a huge opportunity for Pro Strongmen in America as the top 3 will qualify for the 2016 Worlds Strongest Man which is rumored to take place in August. For fans you get an opportunity to watch some of the top Strongmen in the sport you can purchase tickets here

Where: Grand Arena – Martinsville, IN 46151

When: Sunday, June 26, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

The Events:
Slater Max Log

  • Car Deadlift
  • Yoke
  • Medley
  • Frame Carry
  • Stones

The Athletes:

  • Dimitar Savatinov

  • Jerry Pritchett

  • Robert Oberst

  • Nick Best

  • Mark Felix

  • Derek DeVaughan

  • Maxime Boudreault

  • Jason Bergman

  • Bryan Benzel

  • and More!

A very stacked lineup with 6 former Worlds Strongest Man finalists! The events are very balanced and well programmed, if it is anything like Aaron’s orevuous shows it will be very heavy! For tickets and more information check out their website 

Also check out the North American Log & Deadlift Championship being held the day before. This show is an amazing opportunity for American athletes to advance to the next level. Top 3 in each category will qualify for Worlds Strongest Man for their respective weight classes and HW top 3 will qualify for a future Giants Live contest.

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Apr 26 16

For the Love of Training – What to do When the Progress Stops


Article By Dreadnought Strength

I’ve had some great discussions with other health professionals lately, discussing different client types and the trends we see in those that do very well. Funnily enough, despite what our target demographics are (bodybuilding, strength athletes, gen pop, etc), there are recurring trends in the clients we all see doing excellently.

Imagine this – you’re fresh in the gym. You have no real program or idea what you’re doing, only know that you want to tone up and possibly get a bit stronger. You do dozens of completely pointless exercises, curl in the squat rack, avoid squatting because it’s hard – all the things you’re told not to do. Despite the least ideal training modalities ever, you start seeing results – you notice pants are getting looser around the waist and tighter around the legs, you finally have what resembles a bicep growing on BOTH arms and you even notice a vein or two; shit is getting REAL!
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Apr 19 16

How To Peak For A Strongman Contest

By Josh Thigpen
In most strength sports, there are pretty clear and laid out protocols for peaking at a meet. Powerlifters have linear periodization and other methods, and Olympic lifting has varying protocols of their own. Those sports are always constant, performing the same lifts in the same way. So, how do you peak for a sport that is always changing and could even change on the day of the contest?

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Apr 18 16

Mark Felix Wins In India – WSF World Cup Results


As many as 13 contestants from 12 countries took part in the WSF World Cup Strong Man held for the first time in India at Dalimss Sunbeam School in Rohania, Varanasi on 4/11/16Britain’s Mark Felix who shortly after the contest turned 50 won the trophy for ‘ WSF World Strongest Man Cup’ by winning three of the six events.
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Apr 12 16

Submit Your Strongman Standards


In an effort to help gather information on the sport and help athletes and promoters alike we are looking to collect information on what your lifts, weight class, ability level and more are to provide resources to those getting into the sport and help promoters program events effectively just fill out the form below

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Apr 11 16

Radzikowski Repeats In Germany – SCL FIBO 2016 Results


By Aryn Lockhart – Strongman Rage

On Saturday, for the second time in a row, Krzysztof Radzikowski won the MHP Strongman Champions League FIBO held in Cologne, Germany. And for the second time in a row, to Matjaž Belšak’s disappointment, he took second place. In a fast-paced, heavy competition Radzikowski and Belšak went down to the wire finishing the competition with the exact same points (65.5). It was only because Radzikowski won two events that he was able to take the win.
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Apr 8 16

Strong Talk: Should You Do 20 Rep Squats?


20 rep squats, breathing squats, super squats, they go by many names and the torture and benefits are as bountiful but are they right for your current training level and goals?
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Apr 6 16

How To Remove a Keg Valve


Kegs are a common event in Strongman between carrying, loading & pressing chances are you will need to add some kegs to your equipment arsenal to be prepared plus they are just fun and don’t damage gym floors and forearms the way stones can.
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Apr 5 16

I can’t hear you over all this VOLUME!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.41.18 AM

By B. Chavez 

The chart below outlines two very typical training sessions (both actual sessions from my personal training log). Session  one typifies the pyramid to a max and do volume in the back end approach, while session two is the classic German volume method.
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