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Sep 17 14

American Strongman Radio – Episode 23 – Teen National Champion Tommy Roman

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This weeks ASR has Kalle manning the helm while Bryan calls in from GrumpyPants Inc 2.0 Global Studios… which is not quite set up yet. Sorry about the audio! The 2014 NAS Teen National Champion Tommy Roman comes on to talk about his beginnings, his dads passion for the sport, and where he hopes to go from here. Updates on NAS athlete Charlie Merritt and the video fundraiser currently happening with a $500 supplement package up for grabs! The guys talk about this weekends Americas Strongest Woman and the Pro 105K Lightweight Mens Championships this weekend in Las Vegas! Join us on this weeks brand spanking new ASR!

Sep 16 14

Athlete Interview: 15 year old Strongwoman Jordan Woody

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Hi Jordan, thanks for taking some time to talk to Starting Strongman, please introduce yourself to our readers.

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Hi Kalle! My name is Jordan Woody and I am currently the youngest Open Heavyweight Woman in NAS at 15 years old (16 in November). I just started my sophomore year of high school in August at Randall K. Cooper High School (GO JAGS!). I am an All A Honor Roll student and throw shot put and discus for the girl’s track team at Cooper (not to mention a partial player on the football team considering the amount of times I get asked why I haven’t joined yet). I am residing in the beautiful state of Kentucky but bounce back and forth from Kentucky to Ohio for training. Some of my biggest achievements in this sport so far are a 400 lb 18” deadlift, a 240 lb atlas stone load to 50”, and a 150 lb log press. I have been an active competitor since January 2014 and became an open competitor in May at my 3rd show.

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Sep 13 14

How to Clean & Press A Log with Alan Thrall

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Alan Did a great job with the techniques Kalle Beck used in his Log Clean & Press Log video and expounded on them with this GREAT instructional video


Sep 11 14

The Mentality and Struggles of A Strongman Athlete

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As an athlete when  you first get into competing in Strongman it may just be for fun. Your immediate expectations are low as you are new. You are humble (hopefully) and should have aspirations but know it will take time to get there.

One of my first contests in 2007

I remember my first goal was to not zero an event. That took longer than I care to admit… I think about 5 competitions. The next goal after that was to Win a contest. I finally did that in 2011, just 5 years after getting into the sport. It was a contest that was pretty damn catered to my strengths too. Very static, Max everything…. One of my  long term goals was always to win California’s Strongest Man. I did that in 2012. I had more success that year and competed A LOT, the success fueled the next one. I deadlifted 600lbs for the first time another life long goal of mine, next stop… The real goal, easy right? Everything is going perfect. A national title.
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Sep 10 14

American Strongman Radio – Episode 22 – Josh Thigpen

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This weeks episode of American Strongman Radio features Josh Thigpen! Author of the Cube Method for Strongman 2.0 you can use coupon code ASR10 to save 10$ off the normal price this week!

Sep 4 14

American Strongman Radio – Episode 21 – Chad Coy +Todd Liskovich of Cockdiesel

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This weeks ASR has Chad Coy, the longest consecutive active ASC Pro still competing! Chad comes on to talk about training as an aged athlete in strength sports, his recent trip to the Masters Worlds Strongest Man, lost baggage thanks to United Airlines and more… Kalle and Bryan also talk with Cockdiesel man about town from Columbus, Ohio Todd Leskovich. Todd discusses the roots to the official apparel company of the ASC and NAS and what future offerings hold for strength athletes. The NAS schedule, the weekly update on Charlie Merritt, NASM results, the re-re-re return of Kevin Nee and much much more on this weeks, ASR!

Sep 4 14


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Sep 4 14


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Sep 4 14


by letkallelift - – Allan Thrall Bulking On A Budget – Ob How Pro Strongmen Build Mass

Sep 4 14


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