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Dec 7 16

Strong Talk Podcast 56: Brad Baldwin


Brad Baldwin is a 2x Strongman Corporation national champion in the 150lb weight division. Brad has been competing in Strongman for around a decade. Brad has also done work as a professional model all over the world and currently works as a personal trainer based in New York City along with providing online coaching for successful athletes such as past guest Richie Stout.

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Dec 2 16

The Bill Kazmaier Strongman Classic Pro/Am Lineup Is Stacked!


The “Kaz classic” is just a day away and the line up including 7 former Worlds Strongest Man competitors, top pro athletes and hungry Amateurs seeking to show they belong in the pro ranks makes it a perfect contest wrap up an awesome year in Strongman. read more…

Nov 30 16

Strong Talk Podcast 54: Richie “Lights Out” Stout


Richie “Lights Out” Stout is one of the top 175lb (80kg) Strongmen in the country. Well this year he won the Arnold World Championships and Strongman Corp Nationals so it is hard to argue he is not the #1 ranked Lightweight in the World Listen on iTunes or your favorite podcast app

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Nov 29 16

What Is Your Strongman Goal?


By: Terry Rady

Without a doubt, strongman and strength sports in general are tough. So tough, that most people fizzle out within a year of their first competition. The mental strain of a weight cut and event planning combined with the physical toll of training and competition leaves many broken, distraught, and completely content with never competing again.

However, for those remaining who are continuing to get stronger, working harder, and striving to be the best; what are their options? Do you do it for self-gratification, or to prove something to others? Do you have the goal of making it to the next level or just being a better you? All of that plays a role in how hard a person trains and competes.

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Nov 22 16

Strong Talk Podcast 53: Chad Croft – Strongman In Australia


This week we have on Chad Croft a Strongman promoter in Australia. Chad & Kalle talk about Strongman, how to grow the sport, how it is ran in Australia the upcoming event Australia’s Strongest Man and most of all Chad’s new format called Static Monsters which is a global event happening on Thanksgiving for more info follow @Static_Monsters and go to

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Nov 17 16

WATCH: Have Strongman Competitions Gotten Too Light?


A typical human trait is to think that things used to be better and that currently they are not as good as the “good ole days” this happens in Strongman as well but is it actually true and have competitions gotten softer or are you just now stronger?

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Nov 16 16

Strong Talk Podcast 52: Tom Hibbert


This weeks guest Tom Hibbert  owns a private strength & conditioning facility in the UK (Winning Health Solutions) & a Strength Coach/Personal Trainer Education company (Winning Performance). He is also a 3 x national (England) Strongman Champion at u90kg and placed 2nd at World’s Strongest Man u90kg in 2016.

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Nov 15 16

Donna Moore Breaks Her Own Atlas Stone World Record


Donna Moore is breaking new ground. Current Worlds Strongest Woman continues to establish herself as “Queen Of The Stones” with not only breaking her previous world record of 148kg with a 150kg Atlas Stone but she did it at the end of series!

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Nov 15 16

Strategy and Strongman


By Terry Rady  

Since the Inception of strongman there have been multiple different types of events. Some based on pure brute strength, while others have been based on the overall strength and conditioning of the athlete. With that being said, a lot of athletes will go balls-to-the-wall the entire contest, or at least think they are. This however, isn’t always the best option.

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Nov 13 16

World’s Strongest Man 2016 TV Schedule Announced


Cut the turkey and gather the whole family around to watch this years presentation of The Worlds Strongest Man.

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