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Oct 2 15

2015 NAS Nationals Day 1 Results

by Kalle Beck -

Thanks to Keeley Moffitt for posting the score sheets through out the day in the Facebook Group. I have compiled all the info into one place along with some videos that were posted. After day 1

All Results are unofficial and just to the best of our knowledge 
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Sep 30 15

5 Reasons Why You Keep Losing The Truck Pull

by Kalle Beck -

The Science of Strongman: 5 Reasons Why You Keep Losing The Truck Pull

By Mark Jones

A machine is anything with moving parts that uses energy to do work. Like in any mechanical system, no machine is ever 100% efficient. [1] This means that the energy put into the machine, is always greater than the work accomplished by the machine. Just because a machine requires the most energy input, does not mean that it accomplishes the most work.

Let’s look at the case where YOU are the machine, and pulling a big ass truck is the work. Winning a strongman competition does not make you the strongest athlete. It makes you the “best” competitor. The “best” competitor is the athlete who accomplishes the most relevant work, has a solid strategy, and doesn’t screw up.

I have no idea how to be the strongest athlete, but a little physics and engineering can certainly help us be the smartest and most efficient athletes we can be. Let’s take a look at some of the more glaring errors commonly seen during the truck pull.
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Sep 24 15

Kikki Beril-Johnsen sets Strongwoman Atlas Stone Record

by Kalle Beck -

At the recent Norway Open Strongman Contest Kikki Beril-Johnsen lifted a 302.5lb atlas stone over a 45″ platform. This is as far as all accountants we could find the heaviest atlas stone lifted so far in an official competition. The previous record was 300 to 36″ by multiple time Worlds Strongest Woman Jill Mills in 2003 as part of an exhibition at the Arnold Classic. For more records go to our records page

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Sep 18 15

Strong Talk Q&A: Deadlifts, touch and go or dead stop?

by Kalle Beck -
Kalle Beck Deadlift

The much debated topic, some people seem to think you should never do touch and go deadlifts ever. It is cheating, etc. Truth is there is a time and place for everything and in Strongman a lot of contests will be touch and go (no up command) so if you do not train that way you will be at a big disadvantage. The Key is to know how to deadlift first. Check out the video for more

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Sep 15 15

10 Things I’d Do Differently

by Kalle Beck -

By Josh Thigpen 

I have been in competing in strongman for 14 years. In that time I have competed in over 60 competitions all over the world. More than 50 of those have been pro competitions. I have qualiified 5 times for the Worlds Strongest Man competition and competed in 4 (I sat out 2012 with an injury). I have been fortunate to stand on many podiums in internationals competitions. Along the way though, I have made many mistakes, and learned a ton. Many times I have been asked what I would do differently in my strongman career if I could go back. I thought it would be good to share with everybody else here. Hopefully some of these messages will help others a long the way.

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Sep 14 15

Norway’s Strongest Man and Woman 2015 Write Up

by Kalle Beck -

Writeup by Kikki Berli-Johnsen


Svend Viking Karlsen shocks athletes, crew and guests at Fefor Highland Hotel walking in to the breakfast room on the morning of the televised final of Norways Strongest Man and Woman. Two words, well known in this group of people, gives a clear message. There is no hesitation to be accepted today, no fumbling nor whining. The boss says, “Go to war” – and that we did.
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Sep 14 15

Marius Lalas Wins His First Strongman Champions League in Austria

by Kalle Beck -

By Aryn Lockhart – Strongman Rage


Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is as much of a story as what goes on in front of the cameras. This weekend marked the first time the MHP Strongman Champions League came to Austria. For the 9th stage of the SCL series, Martin Wildauer organized and competed before over a thousand screaming fans.
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Sep 9 15

Strong Talk Q&A: The First Step To Getting Strong

by Kalle Beck -

I see a lot of people throw out suggestions on assistance lifts, try this try that when they idon’thave the basics down yet.
Fix your positioning and get mobile and strong enough to get and maintain proper positions

Activate the muscles needed to use and fire in the right sequence

For more check out the video and subscribe on  Youtube

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Sep 8 15

Training the Mind: Self-Efficacy – 4 tips for Success

by Kalle Beck -

By Bryan Barrett

It’s not simply a matter of your strength, power and technicality when competing in strongman but mental preparation; including skill in dealing with the stress of strong competition, recovering from mistakes and failure quickly, celebrating successes while not being overconfident and staying positive before, during and after the competition.

“Negative thoughts lead to a negative performance; the connection is as straightforward as that- Sally Gunnel, Olympic Gold Medalist.”  
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Sep 7 15

Arnold Brazil 2015 Full Video

by Kalle Beck -

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