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Oct 27 16

Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast 25: Kalle Beck

Have you ever thought competing in a Strongman competition? Sounds crazy, I know. But, it might be much more of an attainable goal than one might realize. This week on the LHRL Podcast we speak with Kalle Beck of

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Oct 26 16

Strong Talk Podcast 49: Brian Alsruhe of NEVERSate Athletics


Brian Alsruhe is MW (105kg/231lb) Strongman, he has won Marylands Strongest Man 2x, and is about to compete at amateur nationals. Brian owns NEVERsate Athletics in Westminster, MD and has a fantastic Youtube channel


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Oct 25 16

Terry Rady Wins Worlds Strongest Man 90KG


A brutally heavy contest for 90kg(198lb) athletes local favorite Terry Rady of the USA won the first event with a deadlift of 720lbs and held on to win the entire contest by over 2opts. Perennial favorites in the 90kg class Tom Hibbert and Rob Ward of England took 2nd and third respectively to round out the podium

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Oct 22 16

WATCH: 90KG Worlds Strongest Man


What Better way to spend your Saturday morning than watching the best 90kg(198lb) Strongmen in the world compete live to see who IS the strongest in the world? Did we mention its FREE?

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Oct 18 16

Strong Talk Podcast 48: Justin Fisher


Kalle & Mike talk America’s Strongest Man, promoting contests and interview Justin Fisher who won United States Strongman Nationals as a Heavyweight and just got done competing at the Arnold Europe.

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Oct 17 16

WATCH: Strict Press vs Push Press vs Jerk


There is a lot of talk and confusion on how to put a weight overhead. In Strongman there is no rules as long as the implement gets locked out so what are the benefits and disadvantages of each movement and how should they be implemented into your training?

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Oct 12 16

Strong Talk Podcast 47: Nick Best


Nick Best has been competing in Strength Sports for over 30 years. Multiple time Worlds Strongest Man competitor at 47 Best has had one hell of a year setting Masters World records in Powerlifting, winning a Giants Live qualifier and winning Worlds Strongest Man Master (40+)
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Oct 11 16

Worlds Strongest Man U90KG Athletes & Events


On October 22nd  18 of the best 90kg(198lbs) athletes from over 8 countries will come to Mooresville, Indiana and compete in 6 brutal events  for the title of Worlds Strongest Man U90KG

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Oct 10 16

Picking The Right Assistance Exercises (Video)


Most of you know that your training should revolve around the big 4 power movements and their variations (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press) but how do you pick the right assistance lifts to help you progress? Should you just do whatever varations you see your favorite lifter doing on Instagram?

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Oct 4 16

Strong Talk 46: Nick Hadge – Jr Worlds Strongest Man


This week Kalle & Mike Talk to Nick Hadge. Nick Hadge is fresh off of winning Ultimate Strongman Jr (under 23) Worlds Strongest Man that took place during a hot air balloon festival in Canada.

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