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Dec 14 16

Strongman Training Templates Are Here!

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Mar 21 17

Strong Talk Podcast 71: Jacob Fincher


Jacob Fincher is a Strongman competitor from Waxahachie, Texas where he runs his nutrition store Irok Nutrition. Jacob has been competing in Strongman for under a year but has already earned his pro card by being the highest placing American at the Arnold Amatuer World Championships in March, We talk about how he found out about Strongman after completing his football career, what he has learned about competing in the past year and what is next.

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Mar 20 17

Rauno Heinla Sets Atlas Stone Series World Record

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.18.56 PM

The Arnold Strongman Australia featured the heaviest Atlas Stone series contested in history 160/170/180/200/220KG or 352/374/396/440/484lbs to 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.2 meter platforms.

Heinla had the fastest time of the three athletes that finished the series with a time of 42.55, JF Caron of Canada was second with a time of 52.67 for a new Canadian max atlas stone record and Mikhail Shivlyakov of Russia finished in 61.37. Brian Shaw who won the Arnold Australia skipped the event as he had already amassed enough points to win the contest after 5 events.
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Mar 17 17

2017 Arnold Strongman Australia Results


Just two short weeks after the Arnold Classic in Ohio the Arnold Australia took place March 17th-18th with the likes of Brian Shaw, Mikhail Shivlyakov, etc unfortunately a few injuries leading up to the contest including Vytatus Lalas, Dimitar Savatinov, Martin Wildauer & Martins Licis the field was reduced to 8 competitors.

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Mar 14 17

Strong Talk Podcast: 70 John “One Legged Lightning” Stitt


John “One Legged Lightning” Stitt is a Strongman competitor who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2013, that didn’t stop him from competing in Strongman though as John just competed in the first ever Arnold Disabled Strongman competition.

Kalle & John talk about training with 1 leg, Disabled Strongman contests, the growth of the division and some of the athletes in it a long with how he views the “No excuses” comments”

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Mar 10 17

Strong Talk Podcast 69: Arnold Recap


The Arnold is the biggest weekend in strength so there is plenty to talk about. From why Eddie Hall wasn’t at the Arnold, Jerry Pritchett breaking the elephant bar deadlift record, how it is its own world record and how it compares to Eddie Hall’s 500kg deadlift. Brian Shaw’s dominance Thor making the podium and his increased static strength.

The Amateur Strongman world championships, the first ever PRO Strongwoman world championships and how big of a deal that is.
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Mar 10 17

2017 Arnold Strongman Australia Athletes & Events


With the Arnold Classic concluding and Worlds Strongest Man right around the corner the Arnold Classic Australia could easily get overlooked but with these events the the level of athletes this may be one of the best shows of the year. Not to mention that the athletes are competing to accumulate points and earn their way to compete in the 2018 Arnold Classic.

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Mar 4 17

2017 Arnold Strongman Classic Results



The heaviest Strongman contest in the world is again upon us and in case you missed it here are the current standings and video recaps as they happen.

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Mar 2 17

How To Watch: 2017 Arnold Strongman


After being bombarded with questions on who/where would be streaming the various Strongman events at the Arnold Classic I THINK I have it figured out. So if you are one of the few strong people NOT traveling to Columbus this weekend here is a guide on how to plan your weekend of watching Strongman.  read more…

Mar 1 17

Considerations for Improving your Super Yoke


Article By Tom Hibbert 

The Yoke is one of those disciplines that has a good carryover to other events. If your Yoke is going well then you can bet your squat and deadlift are also seeing improvements. The main reasoning is that the improved hip & core stability that is so vital with the Yoke, will transfer to your compound lifts & also other moving events.

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Feb 28 17

Strong Talk Podcast 68: Kaitlin Burgess


This week we interview Kaitlin Burgess, a Pro Strongwoman in the middleweight & heavyweight division Kaitlin will be competing this weekend at the first ever Arnold Pro Strongwoman contest and we talk all about what that means for Strongwoman, how she feels to be a part of it, her competition, whats next and how she got started in the sport.

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