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Oct 30 14

5 Steps to Improve Your Husafell Stone Carry

by letkallelift -

Article by Dustin Smith

* You can apply these tips to any front carry event, carry medleys, untimed events or any other areas that may help your training.  To simplify this article, I will be refer mostly to the Husafell stone as it is commonly tested for max distance in competitions.

 “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”

I have heard this echoed many times throughout the small corridor in Mentor, OH us Strongmen call home and it is one of the main things that has stuck with me since starting in the sport of Strongman.  Did I fail an event due to physical fatigue or mental fatigue?  How much pain can I take?  How tough am I?  How bad do I want this?  These are all questions you will not only have to ask yourself, but also triumph in if you want to succeed in Strongman.
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Oct 29 14

Rob Kearney: Runner Up Americas Strongest Man & Inspiring Social Change

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Rob Kearney,  A  young Strongman who won amateur nationals in 2013 to earn his pro card and a year later took 2nd at Americas Strongest Man 105KG (under 231lbs) and had the lead most of the day surprised me with his performance. He then a few weeks later surprised me even more by coming out  as openly gay in this post on Facebook.

My ‪#‎mcm‬ goes to this guy, my boyfriend, Joey Aleixo! The past few months have been crazy, but throughout all of this you’ve given me a reason to smile.

So I guess this is me coming out and saying… I’m gay!!”


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Oct 27 14

Strongman Gear Guide Part 2: The Essentials

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in Part 1 we covered what shoes to wear. Next we are going to cover where your first purchases should be. Before I start let me make this clear you don’t need anything to train/compete in training but there are tools you can use to lessen the chance of injury and help you perform better. I know there are zealots that don’t believe in using anything for assistance and feel like everyone should compete in little more than a loin cloth but Strongman is a SPORT and in a sport you should use what will allow you to perform better.

Below I will list what I recommend should be your first purchases and recommendations on what brands/types. In part 3 I will cover more advanced and specialized gear.

  1. Belts
  2. Lifting Straps
  3. Wrist Wraps
  4. Knee/elbow sleeves
  5. Warm Pants

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Oct 23 14

Rise and Fall: How to overcome the emotional pain of a torn bicep.

by letkallelift -

My name is Michael Majik and for the past 5 years, I have trained to be a strongman. I love this sport. It has given me reasons to be healthy, make friends, and travel to places I never thought I would. It also has made me stronger both physically and mentally. I do it for the love of it and know the prices I can pay.

Since I started there has been one major goal, compete at Ontario’s Strongest man. In Canada we have a different path to Nationals, you qualify for provincials then, for Ontario, the top three go to Canada’s. With only 12 or so competing at Canada’s, it is a big deal to compete at provincials. Qualifying isn’t hard, as all it is, is a set of proven lifts (250# overhead and a 585# deadlift). With these done easily, I was finally in. 2014 was my year. I had made it. The flights were booked, the competition forms sent in, and training was in full swing. I was ready to compete…. But never made it there.

So what happened? Well, from years of training incredibly hard I have learned a few things. 1) Never push yourself too hard in training, leave the best for competition day. 2) No matter how careful you are, you will injure yourself the longer you are competing. That is a fact. Now it won’t always be career ending, or be needing surgery, but it will happen. No one is perfect and mistakes are made.
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Oct 22 14

American Strongman Radio – Episode 28 – ASM Preview with Derek Poundstone

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This week on ASR, 2x Arnold Strongman Champion, 3x America’s Strongest Man Champion, runner up at Worlds Strongest Man Derek Poundstone drops in for his take and insight to this weekends Americas Strongest Man in Phoenix. Derek, who is never at a loss for words, shares some behind the scenes stories in strongman history as well as his new born daughter Jordyn. America’s Strongest Man will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center during the Europa Get Fit Expo, October 25 and 26! NAS schedule, breaking news on who is in and who is out of ASM this year and much more!


Oct 22 14

Robert Oberst On Vice Munchies: FUEL: The 20,000-Calorie Strongman Diet

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Vice Munchies came out to film a day with Pro Strongman Robert Oberst. Check it out

Oct 22 14

New Strongman Gyms Added 10/20/14

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New gyms added to the Strongman Gym Directory. to find a gym near you or submit your own gym go to

Authentic Strength
Address: 2515 E Rosemeade #101
Contact Email:
Description: Authentic Strength is a gym focused on its members becoming stronger. Whether that is through strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting, etc will be decided by the coach and client. David Hamilton is the strongman coach and has competed at NAS nationals 4 times as well as at the Arnold amateur strongman. In addition, he\’s coached multiple athletes who compete locally, nationally, and internationally. Plus, we have: yoke, atlas stones(including 420 lb heaviest in DFW), farmer\’s, rough stones, circus db, axle, 3\” square bar, car deadlift, tires, husafelt stone, sleds, prowler,kegs, and tons of weights and bars.
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Oct 21 14

5 Lessons I learned In Strongman

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The Following Article was written by Jackson Williams 

Having played defensive line at a Division 1 school and always being one of the strongest on every team I was on I entered the strength sport realm a bit cocky and thinking that I would dominate. I grew up watching Worlds Strongest man and spent a lot of time sizing up the guys who were competing. Knowing they were the top level but similar in size to myself I always assumed that if I trained the implements that strongman would come easy to me. Boy was I ever wrong. I have always been pretty good at the three main powerlifting movements (bench, squat, deadlift) and I assumed that those would carry right over into my endeavors as a strongman competitor. I entered my first contest as a novice thinking it would be a good way to get my feet wet and that the weights were light so it would be an easy first place and move on to open division. Well I finished 3rd behind my friend who I trained with and a crossfit guy. I underestimated the sport and those I would compete against and never in a million years thought I would come close to third. I entered my second contest with a new outlook on the sport and took training really serious. I just knew that if I trained as seriously as I did when I played ball that I would find myself in better position than before. The lessons I had learned before paid off fortunately I finished second in a tough group and qualified to go to nationals and was lucky to learn five very hard lessons that will forever be with me during my preparation for nationals and beyond. Strongman is not for the weak at heart nor the over confident and I will be the first one to tell you that nobody cares how strong you are or what your athletic career used to be. Strongman will not only humble you but it will force you to dig down deep within yourself and make you respect the sport and never take each training session for granted.
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Oct 20 14

Patrick Castelli: Road to the Repeat 2x America’s Strongest Man U175lbs

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If you asked me a year ago if I thought I was capable of becoming the nations best lightweight (175 lbs weight class strongman), I would have said, “Sure, some day. I just want to place top 10 to qualify for an invite to lift at the Arnold Classic.” To say my victory last year at the North American Strongman (NAS) National Championships was a surprise to myself and others is an understatement. It wasn’t until we were through four of the six events did I really start to believe I had a chance of winning. If you asked me the same question 12 months later, I would have a completely different answer for you.

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Oct 17 14

American Strongman Radio – Episode 27 – Nationals 105k Winner James Deffinbaugh

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The 2nd Pro card winner from Reno James Deffinbaugh comes by the ASR studio to talk with Kalle and Bryan about his experience in Reno and how it compared to his previous trips to nationals. He also talks about cutting weight for the show. James is the co-founder along with ASC Pro Mike Caruso of Spider Tack, one of the most recognized tacky compounds available in strongman today. He explains the total number of formulations it took to get their final products right! The guys break down the weekend ahead across the US and for the LW Americans competing in England this weekend. All this, the NAS upcoming schedule, Charlie Merritt video update, a sneak peak at the Europa weekend October 25 and 26th and a whole lot more on this weeks ASR!